This Sucks

So to teach myself PHP I've been working on a site that allows users to upload music and sell it. Anyways after reading Logans "Kim Dotcom VS The Record Industry: Megabox is Back" artical I relized that it has already been done twice. So I'm quiting working in the site, if any of you know php can you give me feedback on my code?



hey man, all is not lost. I'd say go for it, focus on one genre... We need specialized services. I'm downloading the php now to have a look... were you doing it from scratch or were you using drupal...? 

Make it better and more specialized and you shall conquer all who oppose you.

It was from scrach, with the help of some libarys. Some of the code is messy beacuse it started out as a simple project for me to learn php. I was in the middle of making it object oriented when I learned about MEGABOX and Bandcamp so everything is half assed at the momment.

I worked on this for a bit then got board again, but here is were it is at, let me know what you think.