This question is for Logan and Wendell

A man gives you 1800$ right now, and tells you to build a heavy duty gaming rig from scratch, what would you build

~~here's where it gets a little interesting~~

-The build Must to include a Nvidia graphics card and an intel cpu (the man won't explain why, but says he is sick of Amd and starts cursing under his breath)

-You figure the man as a Canadian because he says "sorry", after each time he curses, and says "eh?" a bit too much, also he mentions that he is Canadian and the 1800$ must be Canadian dollars and from Canadian retailers so he can bring you the computer later

-the rig must be the best performance to the price, because thats what you seem to expect of yourself

-you guys want to overclock (and you know it so that feature must be included)

-and finally for some reason, you have no mouse, keyboards or any monitors around

~~you must have~~

-one monitor

-a gaming mouse of your choice

-a keyboard, non-mechanical because you get bad headaches from the loudness of the keys (this doesnt make any sense but do it anyways)

-and windows 8.1 because all other os' have disappeared off of the face of the earth somehow

-and all of the components to make a fully functioning desktop computer including the required components

-to make it a bit more challenging the build must include a 120gig ssd for the os, and a 1tb hard drive for the games etc...


~~~~~~~~~~before he disappears the man says "if you do not follow my instructions or complete the build by wednesday night, you will forever be cursed by.... an invinsible duck who farts on your face every minute of everyday for the rest of your life, if you try to get it off of your face, it will bite you, and then fart louder~~~~~~~~~

Think they may have better things to do with their time then spec your build for you, considering there is a whole section of the forum dedicated to helping people with builds, frequented by more then capable members.

but can it run crisis 4?

Not all the parts are in the list for some reason.


Ok this should be the now complete list of suggested parts.

It would be nice if somebody can double check it for me because its all pretty slapped together... It should all work fine, but you know... just keep an eye out for better components that could/should be added to it.


edit: updated link

I was about to say, "hey, you just copied my build" …

You need to use the permalink (looks like "/p/XvR2bv" or something).  The view on the "/parts/partlist" page depends on your cookies.

thats damn near a mirror image of my current build lol. Only difference being I recently got a new keyboard (gave the genius K5 to my mom) and I have that LG monitor plus two other monitors, neither of those are ASUS. And my Headset is an X12 not a Z22, and my case is Apevia Jupiter instead of Hermes.

@DemonX09, it is your current build.  See my reply above.

sorry your reply wasnt there when I was replying. Watching US vs Belgium right now so I am divided between typing and yelling at my main monitor.

no prob, just wanted to make sure you were aware.

That "permalink" problem is probably the most frustrating thing about pcbuilder.