This Or This

Choose A or B


Do your own too lol.

I have to go with B (RX-7).
It's just a thing I have that compels me to choose that.


I'm waiting for someone to go "But they're the same car"

Oh please no :anguished:

Does the RX-7 have the LS-1 swap?

Either way, I vote for B. Nothing against Corvettes... that body style isn't my favorite, or the wheels for that matter. With that said, the wheels on that RX-7 look overly big for my tastes, unless it was necessary to clear some big 'ol brakes.

What sort of plebian are you.

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Ok, LS3?

Bee all the way. Had an 81 for a while, that engine just revs and revs!


My mom had a red 81. Not sure her thought process given she had a young kid at the time(me). I remember sitting in the bucket in the back... who need a children's car seat or booster seat for safety? Psh...

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sees threadgame tag

Choice A: Girlfriend/Boyfriend


Choice B: Trebuchet

  • Girlfriend/Boyfriend
  • Trebuchet



Exactly! My aunt had the car when it was new, myself and 2 siblings sat in the buckets! Ha so much fun.


get on my level of gif polling


I would go for the RX-7. More like a go kart, so fun and "easy" to drive at the same time.

I hope this poll gets 68030 votes.


I tried to enlarge the image of the apple to see if it was S or X and it voted.

@moderators please fix

It's a Mac IIx. I don't know if it's a good Mac or not, but it has a 68030 CPU.
I had an Amiga 500, then a 1200 that I upgraded to a 68030, more RAM and a 20MB HDD. But I used the A3000 photo because it looks more like a normal computer. I loved that Amiga, but I got a good price for it when I went PC.

Pff the AX000 machines are so boring. No add-on cards or anything. A1200's are awesome in that they have so much stuff made for them now that they are way faster. I love amiga's, old apples are poring until you get to 1996 where the 68K 4.66, 12, and 25 mhz chips were faster than the 80, 100, and 122/133 PPC chips. I am looking for an OS9 laptop that has a 68K processor and it is proving to be difficult.

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The C5 has pretty crummy seats, especially the Z06. I suppose that Chevrolet figured that if you bought a Z06, you'd be replacing them with an aluminum Kirkey seat. If you plan to drive on the road, though, there are precious few decent alternatives due to their narrow width.

The other C5 low point is the stereo. Fortunately, there are lots of aftermarket alternatives. There are no good shortcuts, though. Plan on ripping the whole works out by the roots, including the speakers.

Those issues aside, the C5 is a remarkable car for the money and highly recommended.


RX7 all day every day.

I can't wait for 2018. I can get a suzuki cappuccino and put the 13b rew in it. 400hp in a car that weighs under 2000 pounds with a driver.

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