This or That (build options)



OR THIS (graphics card will be purchaced around christmas and will probably be 660)



I am hesitant on the second choice because I will have to use integrated graphics till christmas


i'd go with THAT. (number two)

That is a fairly Apples to Oranges comparison...

HD 4000 graphics aren't terrible though, nothing compared to AMD's APUs but it will play old games well at reasonable frame rates. 

If you intend to get a better graphics card in a few months (should be at least as good as the one listed in the other build) then you should probably go with second one. 

That said, I don't particularily like either build all too much, not terrible but they definately have glaring flaws. If you're interested I could delve deeper into this and suggest you an alternative. 

Im Interested!

Fine, I'll give you part alternatives as well as some helpful links later todya, until then, is there a reason you only have 60GB of space in those systems? Do you have additional drives you intend to use? Otherwise 60GB isn't gonna be enough.

Yes I have 500 gigs of extra space

Hmm, I'm pretty busy right now, so I'll make this quick. 

  • You're going to want to spend more dough on a mobo than that if you plan to overclock, plus that board locks you down in many ways, I'd aim for a $80-$100 board if you're gonna put a $230 chip in it, especially an unlocked one, you won't see an overly stable OC out of that mobo.
  • 4GB is fair in theory but not in practice, you'll find yourself quickly needing more memory, especially if you multi task. A game with a few things in the background and chrome open with a handful of tabs and you're already out of memroy and working with paged memory. Bump that up to 8GB, the 1600MHz frequency should be fine though. Also, with that board, you'd be completely locked at 4GB, since you don't have 4 mem slots, you'd have to toss the 4GB you're purchasing now.
  •  64GB is gonna run out low pretty quickly, you'd be able to fit your OS and a few programs and thats it, but if its all you can afford then that will have to do I suppose, you do have that 500GB HDD afterall. 
  • For gaming, that i5 chip is the highest end that even remotely logical, you may be spurging on it, but if you need the HD 4000 graphcis to tide you over it might be your only real choice. If you weren't for sure gonna have money for a new GPU by xmas then I'd probably tell you to consider the A10 chip, but it wouldn't be the most ideal choice if the gap is going to be that small.

About that other build, never get a single stick of memory, you're basically halving your bandwidth by doing so. Anyways I g2g, perhaps others can chime in for ya.