This man is amazing,something worth seeing

This guy is everything i aspire to be,as an electrical engineer, and a musician.

you should look this over for sure. when science and metal collide you get author and punisher

Went and watched him in Lexington, KY back in September. He was one of the openers for Saint Vitus. I stood there looking at the guy, and his "weapons", as I'm naturally inclined to call them. Pretty much everybody stood still, we had no idea how to handle what we were witnessing. He proceeded to pummel away without intention of stopping, yelling in pure fury into his grotesque 8-microphone sample rack as well. Seriously glad I didn't skip his set, as I had no idea what "Author & Punisher" was or even if they were there; I thought A&P was gonna be just another band.

Heed my words. Take a good look at him. Tristan Shone is the future of heavy electronic music as we know it.

Ha! Tristan is a friend. Great dude. Totally inspired me to make some music after I first met him a while back. Those old "Drone Machines" weighed so much. It took 2-3 people to carry some of that stuff and an entire uHaul truck to bring them up from San Diego. As you guys have already mentioned, DON'T MISS HIS SET. Visually/musically/everything super engaging.