This Make Some Money

Post or use referral links to things such as RobinHood so we can make money off of each other.

Also we can talk about what stocks to invest in at the moment or when to sell.

Here is my RobinHood referral link, if you sign up we both get one free stock.

sign up with this link to get the free stock.

What do you guys think of GTx?

What is GTx a stock? Just signed up for Robinhood

Also no idea how to add the referral code. Do I need to be on the app?

You were supposed to click on the link to get to Robinhood.

Dont think you can add it in after

GTx is a stock I saw that dropped really low recently, I think it could be a good buy if it in the longer term returns to its original value.


Does my account need to be fully approved before I get a referral link

I think so, its easy to find once your in. You wont miss it.

To save ppl time robinhood is America only at the moment


Need VPS?

DigitalOcean refferal link: get $100 for 60 days. I get $25 after you spend $25.

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Still waiting on my account wtf

Referral link for Atera IT management platform. Use the link and we both get a free month. We just switched from using LabTech and so far have been pleased. You pay per technician instead of per agent with ridiculous 250 agent increments.

30* free days on PIA VPN if you sign up