This is weird

Ok, so there's this video on the YouTube, "It's thanksgiving, by Nicole Westbrook". Now it's horrible and may be challenging Rebecca Black's Friday for most dislikes on youtube, but that's not my problem.

Here's the thing though, both videos have the same black guy that raps at some point. What? Does he just offer to put rich people's daughters in music videos? or? what?

It's just weird.

Yeah, pretty much, lol. I thought everyone knew this already when the whole Rebecca Black thing happened. He basically just exploits kids with no talent who have rich parents, so he can get paid and also get some recognition for his raps in the process.

Who is the guy though?

No idea, lol. I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard to look up though.


Post the video here. I'm not going to bother looking for it in order to save my dignity.