This is so crazy. Comcast is really dumb

Everyone needs to see this.

Face palm. What the hell was that. I don't think much of my provider but that was really bad. What's Comcast's fastest speed and what do they charge. 

Wave broadband here is 110 for 110 down and 10 up. I have 55 down and 5 up for 40 a month how about everyone else. And has anyone else had issues like this with there provider?

Darn you beat me too favorite part is when he says that they guarantee 110mbps on their plan..I bet that guy gets about 65mbps

What is funny is they say they will give you a speed, but when they don't, they say we said it will be up to it..... My reply to the techs every time is, well if I pay for "up to" 50mb down, and I am only getting 20mb down, Where is my money back since the next tier of speed is 25mb down.

how can people put up with this stuff? both as customers and as employees.

lol...well i have comcast and i have to say I'm paying for 50and I am getting around 60. In my part of Texas they are the best provider... I'm not as lucky as those hipsters from Austin with there fiber.

hipster envy... lol.

I'm paying about $160 USD a month for home phone, 100/20 internet and the best movie package through Comcast...never had a problem with them ever and I always get at least 95/15.

I both love and hate calling companies like this. I hate it because they intentionally waste my time to try and get me to keep their services, and I love it because I get the opportunity to tell them EXACTLY what I think and be a total smart aleck about it and they can't do anything because if I needed to I could get someone in there to tell them THEY ARE REQUIRED to cancel my service because I SAID SO.

I was thinking about going to comcast but after hearing that recording I think I've changed my mind...

and they wonder why they're one of the most hated companies in America.


Awesome! Wave Broadband is my internet service provider, as well.

They do it because they don't have a choice. The tech is being paid very poorly and being told that if he doesn't do everything possible to get the customer to stay on with the company so that they can continue billing them or lose pay or be fired.


For the customer there often isn't any other option. In the part of the city I live my options are 1Mbps DSL from ATT or one of the resellers that works this area like TDS or Earthlink or cable from TWC which will soon be Comcast, I'm at a point in the DSL loop where thats all I can get, I asked a tech to test their other tiers as they can set them remotely, but the only connection that is able to hold stable is 1Mbps, anything past that and the connection gets so unstable that the modem loses sync and ATT has no intentions on ever upgrading anything around here.