This is my first real build i call it Midnight Blue

It's a rosewell viper case with
MSI 970A-G43 Motherboard
Antec Kuhler H20 650 all in one water cooler
Ballistix 2x 4GB Ram Sticks
HardDrives 2x1TB no SSD's yet!
XFX R9 270X 2GB
Corsair CX Series CX600 Power Supply
4 Red Led Thermaltake 120mm
Hotswap SATA Drive

I'm doing this build cause i run my own computer business and I'm looking into doing gaming and tech stuff on youtube.... Maybe even twitch I don't get much money so it took over two mouths to get this far.....
I'm looking for some ideas for the build keep in mind i don't get much money like that so I'm taking it one part at a time This is my first build blog so I hope it looks good for a blog noob lol.....

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All you need is a more powerful GPU, the rest looks good to me. And I really like the Antec Cooler.

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Yeah I know I need a more powerful GPU and thanks I love my Antec Cooler... Just not sure what kind of GPU to get I know it well be AMD tough... But money is where it hurts me at. I don't get much money that I can spend on myself

That is a fine build. Looks good. Be proud

Did you build that recently?

you should have gotten a different motherboard and CPU

@Streetguru You did not read what he wrote, didn´t you?

Thanks @eastexas and @Streetguru re read the post again please I would of got the AMD fx-8300 8 CORE but i didn't have the money and i work on networks and stuff like that so i had to get what i could get

Well sure, but was this all used parts? because why do you have an AIO when you can't overclock? and really you could have just lived without a case for a while and ended up with a better motherboard/CPU

None of my parts are used but for the GPU and ram and I didn't have a case to put it in and I got this case on one hell of a deal it's $120 for it and I only paid $45 for it

well what was the budget for your build? and it looks like you did indeed build it recently

it's not really that I have a budget it's more of just getting parts here and there that are new I don't trust used parts much and so far I have $344 in the build and I still want to get a SSD, at least 2x 4gb ram sticks, need a few more fans and a more powerful GPU

Well you'll probably want a 370/380 whenever you can, but usually it's better just to save up and buy all your parts at once

Yes i agree it is better to save up then buy all the parts at once but when you have a computer that just isn't keeping up with me it lagged all the time and was just slow and the computer was hurting my business I had too get this one up and running