This is just for a question

Okay if you haven't seen Jaysztwocents, then go and see his skunkworks. So since he is using a i7 5960K which is less powerfull when it comes to single thread performance. in games his CPU starts being bottlenecked by 2 Titan X's since a 980ti basically is a titan x. would a i7 4790K preform better than i7 5960X since its single thread preformane (and thus gaming potential) is better? im not planning on upgradeing to a 5960X its just a curiosity. I do want to upgrade to a second GTX 980ti for christmas

It would ya, but it's not like the X99 CPUs aren't going to pull over 60fps

Also do you already have a 4k display? Because a second 980ti wouldn't make much sense otehrwise

if im going to get a second GTX 980ti im getting a 1080p 144Hz Gsync

But a single 980ti should already be able to push 144hz@1080p in any competitive game

Also the Wasabi Mango 4k display can run 1080p 120Hz as well

Yeah but I play graphics intense games like GTA V and Crisis 3. And q GTX 980ti can just get 60FPS in those qt 1080p. Especially GTA V since its open world

Is there really much reason to run those games at such a high refresh rate though, seems like 4k would be more important overall

Lol I was a concole game and now I am spoiled by the high fps. To me FPS is everything. Along with graphics

Keep in mind, that JTC is rendering and editing and stuff...
This is why he is using 5960X...
As for the GPU, well, i would not go with 980Ti after the last few reviews i have seen...

I already have one. and the reason why it gets low performance is because of a bad driver. revert to the 353.62 and it will be fine

Well @Streetguru was trying to be nice but Ill just say it.
If you buy a second 980 ti to run SLI for a 144Hz 1080p monitor, you are stupid.
You will see no performance gain worth the price-tag of a 980ti.

Spend that money on a 4k 40in display and then maybe get a second 980ti.
But hey its not my money. You want to Throw 700 out the door so your PC uses more Power and Dissapates more heat for a 1-2% increase in performance at 1080p then WHY THE FUCK NOT!

Thus why I suggested the Wasabi Mango, that can do both, and it's free-sync, though he'd have to wait for driver hacks or nvidia to care about FOSS stuff

Yea its a great display.

I really think that 1 980ti is a waste of money for a 1080 display.
970 is the most money I would spend if I had a 1080 display.

I really do not get how people will spend 1000 on a GPU but they think a 10 year old LCD will be fine for that resolution and quality.

So your saying two 980ti will destoy 1080p 144Hz?

hey man a GTX 980ti Gets maxed at 1080p with everything crancked (except MSAA) (and no its not my cpu, I checked the usage and it sits pretty at only 30% usage max.) when I say crancked I mean everything. grass shadows, distance scalling and extended distance. I have a smallerish 1080p screen. so to me 1080p feels nice. and if a second 980ti will be eh for 1080p ill just use DSR. and im planning on getting Gsync pannel

I mean if you have the disposable income to justify the price for the insignificant gain then that is your call.
If that is the case I'm happy for you! Just saying it is not a wise purchase and I feel your money will be better spend.
A game with quality tweaked down a tad but on a nice 1440p monitor will look better than you maxing it out on 1080p.
Even throwing a water block on your CPU GPU and running a custom loop with that $700 makes more sense to me than a second 980ti.
Just wanted to throw my two sense in. Its a really bad purchase decision.


Koren 1440p Monitor and Custom Loop you can do for the price of that card.
Over-clocks you get from increased cooling will outweigh the gain from the one 980ti.
Then next upgrade get a second 980it with water-block and get 2 more 1440p monitors do 3 monitor surround gaming off the sli setup.

There you have a logically planned upgrade path that optimizes your money invested while waiting for the last upgrade.

Im probably going to buy it for christmas

Just get the wasabi mango man, that way you have real 4k over the questionably useful DSR/VSR you get high refresh rate, good viewing angles and color, in addition to 4k, can't beat it

I know but I would rather have two 980ti so I can run 1080p at 144Hz or even 4K at 60Hz I don't want to have a 4k tv I cant use because I only have on 980ti

a great display is going to last you longer than a 980ti will,or even a dual set up. And the majority of games will run at above 30fps at 4k with right settings, older games are going to do well at 4k, and any competitive game that makes 120hz/fps worthwhile is already going to run that fast on as single 980ti, like there isn't much point to running Civ V at 120fps

Like GPUs are going to evolve faster than display tech, next year HBM2 is going to be on flagship cards and that's going to be a better option to spend your money on rather than buying 2 980tis now since you'll instead have the 4k display to use the next gen GPU on, like that 700 dollars or so is going to get you more performance next year than it will this year, and dual GPUs for the most part run well, but you can still run into issues in some games and your 2nd card will be worthless

I know but to me Graphics> FPS> Res.