This is All That Remains?

Are you serious? That actually sounds a hell of alot more decent then their recent stuff.... What the hell happened?

sounds either really really old... or maybe a different band... not sure if I like it or not... the guitar solo is ok... the singing is kinda lame.

Yeah it is... And it actually is them. That's their garage band days. Honestly they sound alot better back then in any case.

And same thing with this... This is when the singer for All That Remains was singing for Shadows Fall back in 1997.

Well, you just ruined my buzz with metalcore.

They werent really metalcore back then.... All That Remains old stuff makes me think of Melodic Death / Thrash / Sludge and Shadows Fall old stuff is like Brutal Death Metal...

That All That Remain album has been a pain in the ass to find in store for me here. Their best album IMO. :P

I like As I Lay Dying.

Shit's good.

I won't lie I like this song.



actually.... thats pretty sick

pretty thrashy, I kinda dig it

I like As I Lay Dying, got all their album and the latest is pretty freaking sweet IMO.

Yeah theres a few songs on the new CD that are actually very good compared to the old AILD...

I don't know why the start of that last one makes me think amon amarth.

The last one is kick ass IMO. I like Forsaken, I Never Wanted and Bury Us All too.

I like the Guitars + Drums...

And in this one.

Ya man, when I first heard The Weak Willed of off The Fall of Ideals, I really hoped it was some kind of prelude to their next CD, you know, the song on the album that would be saying: The next album's gonna sound that brutal!

I was disappointed ;[

this one is pretty dope too:

Meh, time to recreate my metal collection.....