This graphics card and this psu?

hey guys im planning on getting this power supply

and this graphics card

i currently have the 8600gt and i hate it

i know my cpu will bottle neck this card (intel core 2 duo q4300 1.8ghz)

and my mobo is pci 1.0

with the mother board being pci 1.0 and the cpu bottle necking the gpu will it still run better than my 8600gt?

Again, posting links isn't helping anyone.

Overclocking your 8600GT to 8000 specs is fine enough.

PCI 1.0 won't bottleneck any non-workstation graphics card unless its an X2 card. Also, if you can find a way to overclock that CPU to like 2.6-3 GHZ bottlenecking won't be a problem. But either way the bottlenecking should be minimal if you raise the CPU to like 2-2.4 and even if you don't OC I don't see why you wouldn't get fps any worse than the 8600 in any case, so just go for it.

Also, might I recommend just saving for a GTX+. Its only like $30 more (Not including the rebate on that card)because the 9800GT is just a rebranded 8800 to get the extra old chips off the shelves.

For just that gpu, the power supply is overkill. You could do fine with a 400 - 500 watt psu, and the extra money used on the modular part of the psu could get you a better gpu. Spending extra money, unless it's $10 or less to get the modular feature in a power supply is unneeded, or even trading off a quality psu for an ok modular one isn't good, since the modular feature doesn't add much, since you usually use all the cables, and the extra SATA/molex can be stuffed in an extra HDD cage.

This psu would be a better choice, imo:

Although if you would want a future proof power supply, I'd recommend one with about 800+ watts.

corsair's 750w psu is $20-30 cheaper than that psu.. just learn how to do proper cable management and you wouldn't even NEED to spend extra money on a modular psu.

oh ok i see

so i guess i will have to make my mind up now i was gunna go with the 9800 gt because its a single slot size and im only running a 19inch monitor i dont really need a gtx for a 19inch monitor but then a gain it dosent hurt to over kill

skump is wrong, pci 1.0 will bottleneck, 1.1 will not. either way, your system is kinda shitty. i would get the 9800 or an 8800 cause thats probably cheaper, but then your gonna have to overclock the shit outta your cpu.

if you dont overclock, at your resolution i dont think there will be much of a difference

much of a difference between my 8600gt? because my current system is crap

a micro or mini atx asus low end mobo

2gb of 677mhz ram

intel core 2 duo 1.8ghz

nvdia 8600 gt

320gb 7200rpm hard drive sata 1 or 2 im not sure

and 19inch monitor 1280 x 1024 resolution

my computer dosent count as a gaming rig only the case makes it a gaming rig the stuff inside is crap

yeah dude i would just save up then do a full build


i know thats not what you want to hear. but thats what i would do

dude this computer cost me some what last year now its nothing technology, technology ok so should i get a new computer by Christmas or wait for core i7 to get cheaper by mid 2009?

i7's prices would drop alot by mid 09 escapilly if AMD dosent catch , so just get the video & psu upgrade taht would be a good choice. That psu is overkill for 1 9800GT, stepup to a 750W crosair i think its on sale

but george said that the 9800gt will not preform any better than my 8600gt with my cpu and pcie 1.0 bottle necking it so whats the point ins spending $200+ for like what an extra 5 fps if it wont do any better than my 8600gt

well, im not absolutely positive, but pretty sure. really if i were you i would upgrade my processor if i could. arg. sorry i cant be of more help sargent. im no expert. what kind of games are you trying to play? what kind of frames you getting? because, depending on what your frames are you might not need a new video card, just a new processor.

wat.. lmao no it dosent bottleneck cause of pci-e1.0. the 9800GT probably dosent even get up to the maximum bandwith of pci-e 1.0. It wont bottleneck anything.

hey i saw this on new egg and it looks pretty cool and looks like it only has 1 6pin connector needed

any way i was wonder if anyone would know if a pc power & cooling 610w psu would work well with 2 of those cards in sli?? or should i just get 750w one?

You talking about the pc power cooling turbo cool? It should be able to. its a quality brand. u can always buy the two cards first see if they work, if they dont get a pc power cooling 750 turbo

im playing like cod4 and source engine games and i hav installed crysis and its like runs on low medium no aa which is sad because it can run on medium and aa on my laptop with a 9700gt lol yah i wanted to upgrade my processor but thanks to my shitty mobo i cant because i was gunna "kidna future proof myself with a quad core but it only supports core 2 duo barely