This Forum Has Some... Issues

Have a read through this thread.

says page cannot be found... awesome

That one I'm assuming.

My condolences rabidz.

lol, i guess it's the community responding to a troll, or a false positive identification of a troll

I don't like the meme-only comments either, but in general it was a really strange question to ask and probably a poor decision with high-risk:little-rewards.

I already said on there I expected a bit more class, regardless of if someone thinks its trolling or not you should at least give some kind of legible comment or argument against instead of just dropping a picture calling the poster a retard like this is fucking 4-chan or some other bullshit website that I never frequent.

yep. the communities' response to a perceived troll, or perceived extreme stupidity, is usually counter-trolling with memes.

probably should have at least accompanied the memes...

True. But he does this kinda shit all the time...

good point

Maybe true, but still posting a meme-only reply that just insults the OP just makes you an asshole. Regardless of if you think its a bad idea or not or disagree with whatever they're saying at least put some words in or a counter argument and actually HAVE A CONVERSATION instead of just insulting someone like a bunch of 14 year-olds.

Instead of just posting: <Insert meme insulting someone>

Try: That's a bad idea, the risks involved with this versus the small gains you'll get are way to high. <Insert meme>

You're still a bit of a dick, but there's something at least to talk with the person about and have a conversation instead of just being a dick. The only response you'll get to those meme-only posts are going to be counter insults or memes and then everything devolves from there.

Again, if I wanted to read the 4-chan forums I would.

Look, Rabidz has been an ass for months. He wont listen to what anyone says even with definite facts provided to prove he is wrong. He is someone who uses a PowerPC over X86 and refuses to believe his G5 would not bottleneck a GTX 780 TI. He is someone who posts rubbish and when refuted refuses to accept the facts. He had it coming to him. The fact that people can read his incorrect "Facts" and decide to use his incorrect information for their own hardware is not something we can stand for. This is a community yes. A tight nit community. But we also will not stand miss information being spread that can cause harm to other peoples computers. He can do whatever he wants with his systems but when he tries to pass it off as something other people should do. It has to stop.

There was nothing in his delidding post suggesting or recommending that other users should do it and what part of posting insulting memes stops misinformation?

So, I read a few of his other posts and while he was misinformed there was always either a grain of truth in what he was saying or he was saying something that was definitely true in the past but isn't relevant anymore.

Just drop the right information or your opinion and leave it. If the OP says something and 95% of the comments below vehemently disagree then someone would have to be an idiot to stop by and take what the OP said as gospel. You don't have to force someone to believe the same way as you do, his background is with PPC. It's outdated but its his thing, some people work closely with ARM and love it or even MIPS obviously his experiences will be different than people like us who deal with x86 and x64.

Just correct him and move on regardless of if he accepts the facts or not.

The way to deal with trolls is to ignore them, not to stoop to their level it just makes us all look like 12 year old assholes who hide behind internet anonymity to be total fucktards because we can't do it in real life without getting our teeth kicked in. Ignore the post completely, it will quickly disappear.

I'm not trying to apologize for him, I'd just prefer to see actual conversation rather than pointless insulting.

On a side note though, all forums have issues, that's just the nature of the internet.  When Logan did the whole "f*** sound cards" movement the LinusTechTips Forum exploded with hate towards anyone who bought a soundcard afterwards, even if their use for the soundcard was legitimate.  The whole meme thing is annoying, but what were you expecting the community to say?

"Yes, go ahead and risk ruining your $500+ dollar soldered CPU to get minimal amounts of speed/temperature optimizations which may come with compatibility issues even if you did succeed"

Pretty much I can't even force myself to ever look at this forum anymore

You don't have to agree with someone to post a meaningful comment. I'm not agreeing with some people on this thread and i disagreed with him on his delidding thread but at least i left an intelligent comment.

You don't have to say "Yes, go ahead" but you can at least say "No, that's really risky and not worth it". I know for a fact that you can because I left a post to that effect in the thread.


And yes, all forums and places on the internet will have their issues. Doesn't mean we can't discuss improvements in behavior or at least try to make better behavior more readily accepted rather than encouraging shit behavior that only exists to stop shit behavior.

Just lead by example.

I think you missed the fundamental point. This is not simply about bullying Rabdiz7. I actually perceived it as a troll post, because he has made so many other low quality posts, previously. And we are not talking about misinformation, we are talking about spamming threads or typing apkvnweignwinwpngnwg - much of which you probably haven't seen because it was deleted.

It's like Aesop's fable of Cry Wolf. If you act a certain way, you're going to invite certain things. Don't blame people for their responses - myself included (one borat meme). It's unnecessary, but nothing to get mad about.

This should just go in General because it isnt a question so yeah this forum does have a problem and that's posting in the wrong thread.

Counter-trolling is still trolling. It's still bad behavior that should be removed.

If you think he's trolling or doing something untowards, just flag it for an admin instead of making an ass out of yourself and degrading the quality of the forum.

Even Logan posted at you guys to knock it off.


P.S. I'm disagreeing with people here and trying to make a point but nothing about this makes me mad. I like to have conversations and debates, and I just find this behavior to be meaningless and counter-productive. There are better ways of handling trolls and troll posts, such as flagging the post or PMing the admin about it. Be adults.