This exists

Just browsing the steam store when I come across woodcutter Simulator 2013... I instantly facepalm.. THIS MUST BE A JOKE... it's not. Why does this exist? Is there a high demand for Woodcutting games? By the way most the reviews of this game suck. Anyway, I would like to know people's thoughts on this game.


here are a couple of reviews:

"Don't even. Not even as a joke. You'll regret it within a small number of minutes. Possibly less than that. I've heard that wood dust gives you cancer, anyway."

"Broken, when ever i create a new game I am automatically walking in a direction and can't stop the player from moving!!"

Probably for the same reason you can buy train simulators.  I mean?  Trains?  They go forwards, they go backwards, and that's it.  You can't even steer.  Why would you want to simulate that?

"So I walked for two hours to get my van, then I drove for an hour to get to the forest to cut down a tree. I watched as the tree fell, a single tear went down my face. I looked at my mission log, and there was a new mission. I then realized I had to cut down another tree that was 2 hours away. I got in my van and began to drive. It was then that I made the decision to drive 70mph into a building. Because only death could save me from this wooded hell."

This was my favorite.

LOL that's my favorite too.