This Deathcore/experimental band needs more attention: Flub

I discovered this small band at a show to see another small local band and I'm absolutely in love with one of their songs. They played a pretty kickass show too.

So I'd like to introduce Flub from Sacramento:

DISCLAIMER: I'm in no way affiliated with the band. I'm just a fan that thinks the band deserves more exposure.

Lyrics from video description:

On sacred grounds, the ritual shall be performed. and I swear I'll return you to this world
Grass painted with the blood of children, candle fire illuminates the face of my sacrifice

Upon the night sky, the moon glows bright.

(Solo Eloy Montes)

I raise my hands above and exclaim to the heavens
bring forth the soul of my dearest, bring her back to this realm!

Lightning strikes, tremors quake below the ground we stand upon
Clouds blacken the sky and the darkness consumes all sight

(Solo Viktor Hansen)

The sacrifice then took form. Reanimated to start a new.
I praise thee dark lord for the gift that you have bestowed upon me.

The ritual is complete.
Ressurect my love and be by my side once more

Moonlight pierces the clouds to reveal the horror
What have I done?!

The reanimated corpse of my bride, decayed and screaming in pain
She cries out in agony to be put back to rest

cursed to walk the earth a corpse until the end of all time.
Her soul will forever doomed for my actions.

Fooled by the devil himself

I beg you to forgive me! this was not my intention!
I beg you to forgive me!
Forgive Me!

The screaming corpse lunges forward
Teeth shred through my skin and arteries, I collapse into a puddle of my own blood

I lie on the ground as my soul is consumed by this unholy creature

Condemned to the firey pits of hell for my sins

Cursed to suffer for all of eternity
never to see my love in the afterlife

If y'alls know of some unknown band(s) that you think deserve to be bigger than they are, share them!


Holy shit this is magical

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