This build any good?

hey. first build here.

my budget is 1k but i really dont wanna spend all of it, unless it's really worth it in terms of performance..

looking to do some rendering and gaming on it.

drop the cpu down to something like a vanilla i7 or xeon so you can up the gpu to something stronger as you wont be playing many AAA titles @ nice quality & res with a 750ti

what gpu would you suggest?
xeon, ssd, hdd, 8gb 390, gold psu, under budget

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looks good. think it would be worth it to say fuck it and get the i7 anyways? it's not much extra and i wouldn't mind going a little over 1k if it's worth it

I have had good luck with this build as a well rounded machine for both gaming and rendering. Note that there is no CPU cooler or case as I see those as entirely up to you and your personal choice. The higher speed RAM works well for rendering and can, in some cases, result in a (very) few more FPS.

Unlocked and overclockable, 390 with XFire support so you can easily add a 2nd 390. Decent cooler. Add an SSD when you can.

change the gpu to Gtx 950 or higher

  • That CPU, no, just get a xeon e3-1231 V3. It's the same thing without the iGPU and overclockability. It's like $90 cheaper.
  • That RAM, DAM (pun?), is overpriced. $10 more than a decent CL9 1600Mhz kit.
  • No SSD? At this budget? Come on.
  • Holy fuck what happened with the GPU? 750Ti? On this budget?!
  • PSU's a bit expensive for what it is, there's an EVGA 750W semi modular bronze PSU for just over half that.

My suggestion:

Changed the CPU as mentioned above.
Not altered the CPU cooler, feel free to yourself. It looks nice though and with the xeon not being overclockable it should do fine and keep it quiet.
Changed the RAM to something much cheaper.
Added a 240GB SSD for your OS and some games.
Changed the GPU to a 390, BIG improvement over a 750Ti!
Changed the case to something a bit better, that case's got soundproofing and really good dust filtration. Also a card reader on the front panel, which is nice if you do photo/videography.
PSU's changed as mentioned above.



That build in the OP... is far from... "good".

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Please correct me. Can only go off my personal experience.

Bippity boop

lol. Thank you. No Xeon experience, totally agree on SSD. Wouldn't be without myself. Thanks for non snotty reply.