Thinkpad T450s m.2 slot

Hi guys I’m looking for someone to help me with this, it seems that under the internal batter of the T450s there should be an m.2 slot, the one used by the smart card reader, but this is what I found when I removed the battery. It looks different from other pictures I’ve seen and I can’t find the slot.

If you are thinking of the most popular m.2 (about the lenght of a finger, 2280), the T450s doesn’t fit it (though there has been a report of a successful mod, the smartcard slot can be used for shorter m.2 ssds).

However, there is an (size 2242) m.2 slot next to the wifi card:
image, what is normally used by the LTE modem.

The WiFI or LTE modem will most likely have a MMC (MMCX) connector or the antenna and a 3-5 cm cable attached to it. R7043506-01

On the picture you can see those. Lenovo uses black, blue, orange and grey. IIRC Black and gray was for the wifi card, if blue and orange are not connected to anything or not present at all, that slot should be free (it’s the larger one).

I installed a 2242 msata Transcend drive there and the system gave me an error, a guy on reddit suggested me to flip it over, the strange thing to me is that the keying is different from the wwan card that I found installed there.

Problem solved, my bad, the 2242 it’s now recognized by the system from the wwan port and the speed is way faster than usb, so all good, I just misplaced the pins the first time I tried.

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