Thinkpad T410 keyboard protrusion causing stuck keys

I’m refurbishing a T410, and I noticed the keyboard has this solid protrusion that’s blocking the movement of a few keys. I was wondering if anyone with more experience with these sorts of things happens to know offhand what this is and if it can be fixed at home. I could order a replacement keyboard from ebay, but I’d like to fix this one if I can.

Wow that look like it has been punched in from the back, like with an actual dot punch.

You if you can take that plate off you could hammer it flat again.

Whether you wish to replace the keyboard, or hammer the existing one back into shape, you’ll want to do a quick search for the T410 Hardware Maintenance Manual. The great aspect of the ThinkPads is that they are designed to be serviced in the field and Lenovo’s service manuals are are pretty solid.

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From how tight the screw was, I could guess what the cause of the problem was as soon as I started removing the keyboard :scream: turns out a 15mm screw does not fit into a 10mm hole. A bunch of the screws were misplaced. I took the machine apart enough to replace the paste, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got all the screws in the right place now, and the keyboard still works now that it isn’t being blocked. Sadly the upper part of the palm rest doesn’t seem to sit quite right, but I’m not sure if that’s something I did or if it was that way before. Either way the original problem is solved.

Thanks, this was a big help in figuring out which screw goes where.