Thinkpad L520 LCD Upgrade

So I have an L520 and I am really happy with it. But recently I trash-picked a laptop with a 1080p screen and it got me thinking “Hey, you know that’d be nice I guess on my thinkpad… Maybe I should look into that.”

I see a lot of posts online for the T520 getting screen upgrades, and I don’t even need 1080p it could be 1600x900, but is this a thing I can do? My understanding is the L series is just the T series in a plastic case instead of a carbide case.

Any help is appreciated.

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I always direct people asking these questions to
I’m pretty sure you can’t just throw amy old 1080p in there, and that on the T430 series it’s only possible on the ‘slim’ T430s, but it has to be born with the 1600x900 res, not the lower res screens, and you gotta have a separate custom board to take advantage of the eDP connection. So guess what I’m saying is, YMMV, it’s a question with a very specific answer.

Come to think of it. I know the W520 could be had with a 1080p and IPS no less. So you might be in luck there’s a way to mod the L520.

People sell upgrade kits with generic chinese/korean panels on ebay. Its as simple as a few screws and unplugging the old one and plugging the new screen in and bolting it into the top of the case.

Damn, that’s some luck! I never saw a laptop in the dumpster…

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I mean I guess. In about 4 years they’ll be everywhere.