Thinking on changing my desktop for a laptop

Hello there :)

So yesterday, i was thinking (as the title says) on getting a laptop as my main driver and replacement for my desktop. I really like desktops and all the process on learning how to build them and learning about the hardware but lately i don't feel too comfortable just staying in my room and using my PC, i would like to either stay in my living room and use the laptop for example or be able to connect to my tv easily.

I know getting an itx build and a light laptop would be a better deal (i have another laptop but it's a little old) but when it comes to school works or classes i feel like i would like to have my main pc and not having to deal with a usb or sending it to me via email, just have it there and work from there and even in my free time.

Gaming is another subject, i would like to be able to play most games on 1080p that's all. Either indie, old or AAA titles at good framerates. I don't care too much if i need to lower the settings a little bit, if it can run on 60+, great :D

Now the hard part, the gpu. One laptop that i've considered is the Lenovo Y700 with a GTX960M 4gb. A classmate has this laptop and it looks very cool and i've seen him to run some games with good results on it.

Another option i'm thinking it's from Gigabyte, but i don't know if going with a 900 series gpu or a 1060 :s (1070 ones are really expensive). But also anyone has any good options i could consider?

As for my budget, well i haven't set one but the cheaper the better. As a student it will be complicated to save up to 1000 usd but i think with hard work will be possible :D And eventually i will sell my desktop to help a little bit but in the meantime i will save the most part.

Thanks for reading!

Well i think that certain gaming laptops now days have come a pretty long way as far as gaming performance is concerned.
I think that certain laptops with a core i5 or i7 + GTX1060 like from Msi,
would be a pretty sollid gaming + working laptop.
But i trully dont know what those laptops currently go for in terms of pricing.

I think you're gonna collect more ewaste if you're looking to get yet another laptop

however streaming your content to a mobile device such as a tablet might be another option

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Unless you REEEEEAAAALLLLY need to be mobile, laptops are a terrible investment. It'll be obsolete before you can even get your money's worth out of it.

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Here, if you're really a sucker for pixel density. And not money. and getting laughed at

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If at all possible get a laptop with a 10 series card - they're almost on par with the desktop versions as far as performance goes. Shame tho that amd has nothing to offer. Laptops these days are powerful enough to be a desktop replacement but mobility is gonna cost you, and you can forget any battery life.
I did the same thing I didn't want to be tied to one corner so I bought a Y910 even tho for that price I could've built a ridiculous rig.

Thanks for your feedback :) Well i'm set with going for a laptop and i think i'm going to go for one that has a 1060.
I prefer to have all my stuff on a single computer, i had some problems with my projects from school or even with my usb when trying to share some files so haivng a laptop with the files i need would be helpful for me.

My options within my budget at the moment are these:

If i stretch a little bit my budget (EDIT: Maybe i could consider the 17" ver.):

Also i'm considering the Lenovo Y700 with GTX960M as a cheaper option.

i have a 17 in laptop and while the extra screen real estate is nice, it comes with the cost of added weight and total size of the machine. most laptop bags and backpacks wont fit a 17" laptop. really good for watching movies thou.

In that case i think a 15 inch would be a good option in terms of portability.

From those option that i choosed which one would be good to go?