Thinking on building a cloud storage server

I've been wanting to get a cloud storage server up, do the the fact that I don't want to pay for the cloud server providers. Seeing I am broke at the current time. I know I will be getting two morer computer systems here soon. Thought I would put them to use again, I'll be using one as a cloud server and the other one I don't know what I'm going to do now. I still will be using my old hp I have sitting around as a router with pfsense. I know ubuntu has a version of Linux out for cloud computing. So if anyone on here know what i need to do, that would be completely awesome!

What exactly are you looking to do with your cloud services? Do you just want to host files on the cloud?

If you are just looking to host files on the cloud then there are several different free solutions that the community can come up with, my suggestion would be freenas because you can also back up your data locallly as well as being able to view your data online. Also a simple ftp server should suffice.

I would wait untill quain does his cloud server guide video that is apparently going to happen, because he might bring some interesting solutions to the table.

Would I be able to map the FTP Server in windows?

Sounds like you want .... Network Storage not Cloud Services. In that case your PC/Router should be able to also host a shared drive. Google: Samba

If you only want your own file share locally, just share a folder on the network in Windows from of the "servers".

And just go to



I would recommend FileZilla.

If you watch the two tutorial videos, to which I have posted the links below, it should take you about an hour of your time to get everything up and running.

For any further advice, feel free to ask a question in this thread or pm me.

Good luck :)

I would suggest using something as FreeNAS or Openfiler. In my opinion, they work better than just a Windows box running a FTP server.

I personally use Openfiler, because it can use iSCSI, but it is a bit harder to set up.