Thinking of upgrading to 3rd Gen Intels

I've got an Intel 1st Gen i5 750 paired up with the XFX HD 5850 and some cheap 4 gigs of Kingston 1333Mhz memory. I understand that since the socket for the Intel 750s are 1156, I'd have to scrap my motherboard for a new one as well.

My question is, would there be any benefit that would merit such an upgrade? I mean, the Intel 3570K's are what I had in mind with this upgrade. I'd have about $300 (RM1,000) to play around with this rig.

Btw, if this topic is in the wrong section, I'm totally sorry about that.


EDIT: I'm gaming at 1080p.

So you have $300 total for the upgrade? or $300 after the cpu purchase?

$300 for the total upgrade I guess. Doesn't seem like much huh?

Try and save a little more and wait until june, Haswell should quite a bit better than ivy bridge & Overclock much better aswell.

I agree with BeyondNight,

Skip Ivy Bridge all together. If haswell is made better than Ivy bridge then i'd pick up one of those... If not, i'd set my eyes onto an unlocked Sandy bridge. It won't be terribly slower than haswell, and! you won't have to worry about that cheap paste used to attach the heat spreader to the Ivy bridge die... Not to mention! Sandy bridge might be even cheaper since it will be 2 generations old.

P.S. I know you can mod Ivy bridge by removing the heat spreader and replacing the paste, but average users aren't exactly willing to take a razor blade to their cpu.


>~3-5% increase in performance just like Ivy, decrease even in some benchmarks, Overclocking becoming harder with lower TDP Intel chips eg. Sandy to Ivy overclocking

>AMD delivers 15% performance increase from Bulldozer to Piledriver, and another 15% from Piledriver to Steamroller, all while keeping AM3+ socket unlike Intel

>Not buying AMD, My sides are in outter space

Well if my memory is correct, their goal for Haswell was to increase GPU performance. Apparently they've done very well with it matching the excitingly.. slow, Nvidia GT 640m.

Seriously though, Off topic. I fear it may be a been there done that sort of situation. People with an APU will not spend money to make an equally powerful machine to their own. And people with Sandy bridge/Ivy bridge won't care at all about the iGPU improvements because, presumably they'd have their own discrete card.

Hmm, good points. I wasn't quite aware that Haswell will be out pretty soon, that would be a mistake on my part I guess. Anyway, I'm not too worried about the thermal paste on the CPU, cause I would just swap it out for my own thermal paste if the temps are too high for my liking.

Although I must say though, the fact that AMD keeps the same socket lying around does make for good futureproofing, that is if I'm lucky and they still use the AM3+ socket and not suddenly decide to scrap it.

I'm not talking about the thermal paste that you're able to see and deal with easily.

With sandy bridge, they used fluxless solder to join the die and the heat spreader. This allowed better heat transfer from the die, to the heat spreader, to the *users compound,* to heat sink.

With Ivy bridge it is, Die to cheap compound, to heat spreader, to *users compound*, to heat sink.

In order to replace that cheap stuff, you have to use a razor blade to force the cpu and the heat spreader apart. You can end up cutting up your cpu or even worse, yourself.


Getting a Sandy Bridge or switching to AMD FX is the safest bet IMO. Both are equally fast and when excavator comes out, it'll be faster than any Sandy Bridge...*I hope*

Ah I see what you mean now. The AMD FX is starting to look real attractive now, for the price and performance you can get from it.

I agree. I'm a huge fan of AMD and more recently, Intel as well.

Intel is clearly cutting corners with their newest parts though. If they continue with this nonsense, I have no doubt that the tables will be turned in favor of AMD.


In that case, I'm definitely going to look at what other options AMD can give me. Although, any prospect for AM3+ socket motherboards coming in smaller form factors?