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Thinking of upgrading monitor

I currently have an Acer XF270H 1080p monitor with a GTX 1070 GPU. I’m thinking of upgrading to a 1440p monitor.

These are the monitors I’m currently looking at. I already watched some online reviews for them (Hardware Unboxed, LTT, and Level 1 techs).

Acer XG270HU

Viotek GFT27DB


Asus MG278Q

Pixio PX329

Does anyone have one of these monitors and how has it been holding up for you?

I just got the Asus VG27AQ and I gotta say the combination of backlight strobing and variable refresh at the same time is mindblowing! It does have some IPS glow, mainly in the lower third of the side edges. You will see that when watching something letterboxed but it’s not terrible. In games it looks damn near perfect. And the clarity is astounding.

@wendell, I’d be really interested in a monitor review for that one.

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Thanks, I keep that one in mind. It is towards the upper end of my budget, but looks like it maybe worth the extra cash.

I liked your suggestion, but decided to go with the Pixio PX329. It was more than a hundred dollars less and 5" wider. Wendell and Tim from Hardware Unboxed reviewed it pretty well.

Huh, 32" was too much for my gaming taste but that’s a personal thing.

Have fun with it! :grinning:

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