Thinking of going AMD for the first time



Out of all the PC's and laptops I have ever owned they have all had Intel inside. I have just sold my PC in my bedroom as it was just a old core2 dual core. I got a decent price for it as well witch surprised me a little.


I all ready have a spare case and hard drive and memory and windows and graphics card. All I need is a power supply, motherboard and CPU.


So I have been looking at the prices and AMD seems a lot cheaper than Intel. I will be using this PC for some gaming but not much as I all ready have a gaming rig. It is mostly going to be used for watching movies, web browsing ect. I also want to test the water with overclocking.


If I go the AMD way what CPU should I look at. I don't want to spend to much money on a spare PC. I think Logan recommended the Phenom ii x4 a few times in some build photos. After a little looking around I can get a x4 965 or a FX-4 4100 for the same price.


I have heard bad things about the Bulldozer series so am unsure what to do. Can any recommend some AMD CPU's for £75 or below thanks.



The only PC in my house running an Intel is my gaming rig, all the others are on AMD chips.  From what I hear the Zambezi were a bit of a let down but the Vishera is a good buy, most games are GPU bound so if you want to save money you could go AMD and get a better GPU.

My brothers only play WoW so they are using an FM1 APU and hamydown Phenoms.

You also need to take into account the resolution that you play at, I play at 1080 with a 6970 so as long as it's not a game built with the Cry Engine it plays fine, Far Cry 3 and Crysis I turn down to 720 and play in windowed mode.

My brothers play on 17 inch monitors I think at 1280x1024 with Radeon 4000 cards and because of the low resolution the APU and the low end video cards should be enough for them as long as games do not require DX11



Thanks for the reply. The monitor it will be used with is 1080p. When I say for a bit of gaming I mean for oldish games like Left 4 Dead and Portal and Counter Strike and maybe for DayZ SA when it comes out. I don't mind if I have to lower the resolution down or set the games to low since its not my main gaming pc. The card that I will be using with it is a 6670 1gb DDR5. Am using it now in my current gaming rig and I get along fine with it. But I have a 7850 on the way to replace it.

You should check out The tek's new 350$ build. Maybe an apu is what your looking for, low cost with discrete 


Edit: You can use your 6670 to run dule graphics with the Apu, I would suggest getting the Trinity A10 5800k


I would get the fx 6300. Performs like an i5, performs pretty well.

The First generation FX series processors in my opinion are not that good and/or powerful so I would either go for the phenom 2 x4 965 or what im getting, the FX-8350. Check out my profile and see the specs for my new pc so you can figure some stuff out.