Thinking of building my own Colugo

So, I kind of want something that would be good while traveling.

I changed some of the parts around though.

And chose that ram as a price-equal placeholder since pcpartpicker doesn't have this:

Now if I changed the cooler with something like an H80i (is there a better working choice than that first of all?) I'd have to put it in instead of the case fan right? Seems like that wouldn't be very good airflow over the motherboard. How much more effective would that be compared to the Zalman anyway, Zalman makes good stuff.

Thoughts on this overall?

I have no idea what a "Colugo" is... but I do know what a nice mini ITX system looks like...

Few bucks cheaper and it'd eat the other build in looks and performance...


Also that's not NEARLY as tiny as this. Not even close. And in terms of "eating in performance"... not at all. It has a 770 vs 760 and that's about it.

Thought I'd post the reasons I chose that specific Xeon instead of something like the


The Xeon CPU is, as far as I can tell, identical to the 4770. I like that it supports ECC memory though. I also chose that one because it still has the iGPU in it which supports Intel QuickSync, since the E3-1230v3 doesn't support it. However I don't know what overlocked a nonunlocked CPU is like and would like some info on that too.


Oh, and if anyone has firsthand knowledge of trying out ECC memory in their own builds and did or didn't notice any sort of difference in reliability, let me know. I know most computer crashes occur because of memory issues so I thought it would be interesting to see if ECC could actually help. I'd happily take someone else's experience in words over an extra $80 for the ram though, but only if you actually tried it yourself.

Nonononono,  Its simple.  Dont get a xeon...  

seems like you know nothing about that E3-1230 v3 xeon... That is basically an i7-4770, without the iGPU, but almost 100$ cheaper.

Well sorry, i just saw xeon, i didnt even read the post.  :P  Then yes, get it.


Perhaps you guys shouldn't be posting without reading?

Ok so I have built the Colugo and I have some pointers.

The GTX 760 Runs extremely hot with minimal airflow underneath and so I mounted an 80mm fan inside the case and drilled a grill out of the side panel. This helps quite a bit to bring in more air than the front fan can handle.

Also use the PSU as an exhaust for the CPU with its fan facing the socket. Helps to dissipate the extra heat.
I don't think you can use ECC ram in that board, the CPU supports it but the chip set doesn't, not that you really need it in a non-server non-high uptime environment anyway.