Thinking of building a $1200 pc

Hey, its me, your average college student that wants to build a gaming pc for a quite generous budget (for a student without a job. I live in San Diego and go to UCSD. So I never built a pc before and I thought it might be fun to build one maybe later this year. I'll probably use this mostlly for gaming but also school work as well. I might name it "Bleu" or "I'm Blue" or something. Its around $1200 and, seeing that I am paying out of my own pocket (which isn't much considering I'm a college student), I would like to keep it at that. Now I couldn't find a blue gpu so thats the only thing I regret (actually should probably go team blue on the cpu but they are so dam expensive:/) anyways here is my build:

I do have a legit version of Win 8 on a USB and all the peripherals I actually need is already in this build. Now is there anything I should probably improve on this build? Keep in mind that I would like to keep this so blue that it better hurt my eyes every time I look at it and that I am already on the edge of what I'm willing to spend.

If you're open to using an AMD graphics card, then Sapphire's Vapor-X cooler cards are mostly blue.


oh cool! Just looked up a sapphire 280x... WHY IS IT SO DAM EXPENSIVE? SCREW YOU MINERS T.T

Just get a gigabyte windforce gtx770 as they are all black so it'll work with your black and blue colour scheme, also i'd recommend a different Power supply, one that's 80+ bronze or better, that could be all black too other wise (if you want blue) get an hx series one

That is 80+ bronze... and gigabyte was my first choice but then I saw THAT SEXY ASS BACKPLATE on the Asus and IT COST $30 LESS? So I decided that I cant see the red on the card anyways when I install it... I know it hurts but sacrifices are hard to make T.T

A hypothetical build list for a distant point in the future is a waste of time. By the end of the year the prices and tech will be vastly different from the present.

Well things can only get cheaper right? (usually) Don't think I'm gonna change much since Maxwell isnt probably gonna be here this year and I'm building this when the new school year starts. Doubt I'm going to upgrade much since I'm somewhat tight on budget so if this build gets cheaper then its good for me :)

This is $33 over, but has an intel i5-4670k and its all black and blue.. including the case which comes with blue LED fans.

Here is the link of where to buy the case. I think its new.

Where's the blue motherboard man??

Here are some pretty solid blue boards that I would go with. They're all pretty much the same only difference is the chipsets.


I'm not sure about pny cards since I dont really see them reviewed alot. How are their built qualities? And isnt the asus one cheaper?

PNY isn't as big as other brands in the GPU market.  And yes, ASUS' DCU2 is about the same price.

Do these boards overclock well? Cause this is my first time overclocking so I don't want to accidentally do something wrong and just break the board. Also I read somewhere that 990fx is better than the M5A97 chipset and that I should stay away from M5A97 if I can afford 990fx.

The M5A97 LE R2.0 will not handle anything above a FX-6300.  Don't get that one.  It has a 4+2 power phase design, with no cooling on the VRMs.

The Asus M599X Evo R2.0 and M5A99FX Pro R2.0 both use a 6+2 Digi+ power phase design.  You will be able to overclock on both of these boards pretty well.

The Evo uses the 990X chipset, which has less PCI lanes than the 990fx chipset(the Pro has the 990fx chipset)

Ok cool the pro looks like a good choice. So blue~ Thx for the suggestion. Btw if I ever decide to go intel because of price drop during the summer what blue board would you recommend for a i5 4679k?

Most high end motherboard on the 1150 socket are r&b.  The cheap MSI z87 g41 mate isn't great for overclocking, but is somewhat blue.

Alright man thanks!

What about this motherboard?

I have not seen that board.

After a little bit of research, it looks good.  8 power phases for the CPU.

The MSI board should do well man. I chose the asrock because I have had very good experiences with them in the past. MSI has been mixed but mostly good.. I think it all comes down to luck. There are a lot of MSI fans out there too.

And you really should go intel if you can fit it into the budget. The performance gain is worth it. $1245

8350 is better than the 4670k in modern games -_-