Thinking about Upgrade a Threadripper 1950x System to 2970wx

So the system in question runs Esxi 7.0. One the key system on my network. Run about 8 images all the time. One the image is Veeam so I can backup other servers for network. Then also run the image that runs tv on my network. For that system I have Evga 980 passthough to image. That image also run plex. So it can use the video card for rendering. The machine also dual 10Gb intel nic. Then 96GB ram , plus all 3 Nvme location are use. For what worth all of the 8 of sata are in use as well. I saw that Threadripper 2970 is coming down in price. Was wonder if would actually see any mean extension in machine use life if did that. Is the 2970wx that much better then 1950. In vitrual work load?
Other things that Play in role in this that memory controller on that 1950x would be overclocked running system with 8 stick ram at 2666Mhz. Then also running the cpu 3.9 Ghz(Stock is 3.2 GHz). You ran the system on full for couple hours it is stable enough to that. Prefer not run workload that is that tough. Cpu temp get bit warm. Also the machine has been operation for 37,140 hours(Track drive smart data). That comes out to 4.2 years 24/7 operation. I have checked that board does support the cpu. Reason I add in time machine been running is because sometime mainboard get weird about switching the cpu when that lot use on them. So the question do upgrade to 2970wx?

per core its about 3.5% faster
with an overall performance bump of about 7% total.
so if that bump is worth the outlay to you. go for it.

personally i wouldn’t put the money down for that kind of increase, especially as they are both older chips now.

Perks for the Gen2 TR:
Better memory support [DDR4-2933(+); no hardlined 2666]
MOAR L2/L3 Cache [76 v 40 cumulative, for your 1950 vs 2970 specifically]

Neutral response for the Gen 2 TR:
Lower base clocks, but better boost clocks [per core]
0 Instruction set difference, between Gen1/Gen2

Concerns for the Gen2 TR:
Higher Base TDP [250 vs. 180]; may need to assess your current thermal solution
Some Cores will be running on Infinity Fabric [0 direct connection to I/O] - Latency

Then of course… you got pricing
Pricing is going down, but no where near the cliff, that them Gen1s went through

Main reason I was considering it was for better memory support. Memory on the current cpu has to have the power tuned. To run at 2667 but that is because I am running with all 8 sticks. So that actually is out spec for the cpu. The main issue I have with memory I have to apply line load level 3 to keep ram stable. The motherboard lets me apply line load to just the memory.
I am do not have to add voltage to memory. TDP does worry me as the machine use corsiar 240mm rad. So it only does not cover full the cpu. CPU is generally runs 35 C at idle to about 80 C full 100% load at 3.9GHZ. Ran full load for 2 weeks.

Few options can be had, capable of wrangling them higher TDP chips
Do look at airflow movement [within the heatsinks], against your current case

One potent [bigly] option, be that Ice Giant ProSiphon

The cooler would have the same issue as the current cooler covers only part of die. Because my cpu overclocked it using closer to 280 watt any way. Could use some thing like Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 or Dark Rock Pro both witch are full die coverage

I’d have lil more bias on them Noctuas, as its base plate is uniform AND covers IHS
One kinda leftfield option, be Arctic Coolings 4U SP3* [orientation may be problem]