Thinking about possible upgrade

So I've been toying with the idea of upgrading to a new z170 motherboard and a i7 6700k.
Ive got what I think will be a beautiful build planned out but its getting pricey.

This isn't really much about asking about the new rig, I'm confident in my part choices. What I'm really here to ask about I'm not even sure if its allowed... I don't see anyone else asking this question so I'm really not sure. If its not allowed for what ever reason Mods please remove this post, Thank you :)

What I would like opinions on is what the resale value of my old rig would possibly be.

The rig is as follows:
Processor: i7 3770k
Cooler: Corsair H100
Ram: Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 16gb 2x8 1866 DDR3
Motherboard: Asrock Z77 Extreme4
Graphics: x2 GTX 780 classified in SLI
PSU: XFX pro750w Black edition Fully modular
Wireless: Tp-link N900
Case: CM Storm Trooper with both windowed and non windowed Side panel

I know the difference in performance isn't going to be that great from a 3770k to a 6700k but I really like the new platform and the idea of having a M.2 SSD for my OS is very appealing to me. I just think its time to move into the newer generation system. Thanks guys :)

It isn't worth it...
I know what you mean, but it is not worth spending all those money for a silly m.2 ssd.
If you wish to upgrade, point your gaze towards 2011V3...
For example:
You have extra cores... A bit more expensive, but...

this is basically the build I'm looking at, minus a graphics card, Kinda want to watch what the 1080s look like once we start getting the non reference boards on the market.

I'd have to agree with psycho.

Depending on resellability of an old rig can be unreliable. Most who want to buy a rig pre-built will go to an official vendor, or build it themselves. I personally see ads on craigslist for gaming PC's stay up on there for a long time due to this.

IMO, make the push to something workstation level like 2011, or wait for the consumer gaming CPU's to get the performance bump to make the price worth it. The 3770k is still a very capable CPU.

But that's just my opinion.

wha wha why? why? please, explain to me with simple words, why?

I'd love to have a smaller machine for when ever I need to transport it. The CM Storm Trooper may have a handle on the top but its a Behemoth of a case, weighs a ton and I honestly cant even fit it in my car xD
Personally I think that those parts would look amazing, I use my machine daily and would honestly like a machine I'd be proud to show off. I realize that the difference between a 3770k and the 6700k is only like 8% gains and its not really worth it in that regard. As much as I love my 780s there a times when the SLI setup really doesn't benefit me, a newer more powerful single card I guess would be a fine upgrade path instead of a new rig.. I guess its hard to validate aside from wanting a smaller system that looks great. =/

I just recently (last few months) felt the need to revamp my PC. It was in a case that was somewhat falling apart and was getting messy.

But what I decide to do was just upgrade the case: because I already had sufficient hardware for what I wanted, so I bought the NZXT H440 for $100-ish and now it looks a ton better.

So IMO, that is what I would do. Wanting to revamp/change the look of your PC is awesome, but sometimes all you need to do is change a few things out.

BUT, if you truly believe that you will get real world benefits of a 1080 and a new CPU, then its your money and it's your call.

OK, last input, since i already said enough...
I will say it again: you have a choice, between 5820K - a 6 core, and 6700K - a quad core, and you are choosing the quad core for the same price?
I dislike Corsair and ASUS with passion. But all i am going to say about it is - the fans are really really crap. Get yourself better fans.
All else is basically up to you...

Aside from wanting to get away from SLI the only other thing aside from my case that drives me nuts is my motherboard. Seriously who thought a brown pcb was a good idea?

Now that I think about it I'm feeling foolish for wanting to upgrade, it really seems like I'm just after the parts for the visual appeal. =/

What is the matter with Asus?
Corsair has always done me right, had a pump failure on my H100 and they replaced the whole thing very quickly.

Literally the exact same thing for me.

I have an Asus Sabertooth x79 and a 4930k, and the Sabertooth has this military green/brown look. It's a fantastic MOBO, but does look kinda awful.

Luckily getting the new case and some lighting drowns it out, so that's nice.

In the end, you're call. I do agree with Psycho that it may be worth the slightly extra few bucks to go X99 if you are going to upgrade.

being enthusiast exposes me to over saturation of marketing. Asus and corsair are especially aggressive with their marketing and this is why i dislike them. Everywhere i am drowned in Corsair and Asus products. I have HUGE issues finding a gigabyte or even Asrock reviews, because everyone is drowned in Corsair and Asus products to review.
As for the fans - Noise Level 35.0 dbA
You don't want your fans to work at 35dBa...

Corsair is hit and miss brand. Some of their products are good, others are crap, all get praised equally.