Thinking about ordering a CaseLabs case

I am building a new PC and was wondering if anyone has used or has any experience with Case Labs computer cases.  I am looking at the Magnum SMH10 case for this build.  I originally ordered a Corsair Obsidian 900D from Newegg, but had to RMA due to some factory defects.  I love the big towers and even though I am going to initially air-cool, I plan on watercooling in the future.  The build is pretty basic with the following components:

Intel i7 4770k CPU
ASUS Maximus IV Formula motherboard
EVGA 780 ti Classified GPU
Crucial 240 GB M500 SSD x2
Western Digital Black Edition 1 terabyte HDD
EVGA Supernova 1000P2 power supply
32 GB Dominator Platinum (8 GB x 4) RAM
Noctua NH-U14S CPU heatsink
ASUS BluRay optical drive

If anyone likes or hates the Case Labs cases please give me some opinions.  Thanks all.

Case labs make art, not cases. lols. Sorry but yeah Im a big fan. If only I could afford one.. The shipping alone to Australia almost warrants selling a vital organ or 2.

They are a watercoolers dream case - can fit so many big rads and shits all over what the 900D offers. Plus the build quality is like that of Lian-Li I reckon. Well it should be considering the price tag eh.

I'd say go for it. Plan a good loop, spend big on it and make it a beast.   :-)

Thank you I will do just that :)