Thinking about making waterblocks

One kagillion dollars.

I was expecting the incredibly unreasonable amount of one bazillion dollars, but one kagillion dollars is completely reasonable. :D You probably have $75-$100 in copper though, those blocks look massive.

They are pretty massive, enough for 4 CPU blocks if I'm careful, but realistically, two really nice blocks. Very heavy; I wish the company hadn't drilled the holes in the corners - without them, I could definitely make 4 blocks.

Heh, I'm going to go ahead and say $75 per CPU block, $115 per GPU block, which will include shipping to US48.

Ill be needing a GPU block :). AND a cpu block if its pretty.

Thinking about going for a radial pattern, like such:

(not my block)

It's either that, a linear pattern, which would just be lines, like such:

or a "pole" style system, with lots of posts in the center of the block for lots of surface area.

Either way, the faceplate on top will be switchable, but will come stock with a copper one, brushed. I will definitely sell acrylic tops, too, but not immediately. Time to experiment with different styles :)

I need my G1/4" tap, and then I can start making usable blocks.

Radial seems like it would be the most efficiant.

On mobile. Cant edit. Also wish to know if the heat spreadder will be lapped/mirror finished?

Mirror, probably. Going for radial, as well :)


Good :) hit me up when you have a few made. Dedinately willing to buy. Also, you could totally charge a 5-10 dollar premeum and have custom etching/engraving on the top of the blocks as well.

i'd take one, but I really don't have a watercooling setup.....

Will do.

I will probably get my first block engraved by a jeweler friend of mine. I can do some basic engraving, but he's an artist in that regard.

You have to start somewhere ;)