Thinking about going "off the grid"

So my life for the past few months has been all over the place with depression and anxiety going through the roof and having to just recently drop out of my last semester of college due to my car having the battery and alternator go out resulting in a $500 repair bill that pretty much took my book budget. So really taking into consideration my life and what I actually WANT to do with it, which really isn't much, I just want my own place to do whatever I please (Yes it is that simple)

Check out the homesteading videos on youtube.
It sounds like a comfy lifestyle.

Fouch O Matic off grid

Beckys homestead

Dirt Patch Heaven

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Last semester of college? Oh man, first off my kids are only going to college if they need to and it's GOT to be a good investment. Having said that, if you made it nearly to the end I'd bend over backwards to get er done. If you had posted this before starting college we may have different advice. What are we lookin at for debt currently? And what was your degree? It's going to be much harder to just bail if you have debts. Debt free people are the freest people, and you'll have to work towards paying that off first now.


Last as in last before you graduate?
Last as in most recent?

If it's last before you graduate, find a way to finish up. Beg, borrow, steal.

It took me 13 years to finish college. Flunked out after my first 2 quarters are univ.
Then I worked for a couple years
Then I took a couple semesters at community college
Then I worked several years
Then I went back - finished up CC with an AA and AS, then transferred to univ where I finished after about 2 years.
With the exception of the first 2 quarters at Univ strait out of high school, I paid for it all as I went while working.

While I can't say that college has been tremendously helpful in terms of my skill set, It's definitely opened doors that otherwise would have been closed to me.

Good luck!

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One could always talk to the top dog at the college and say you were experiencing financial difficulties and ask to pay them back later, or if you could work as a janitor or groundskeeper or something to pay off your final year.

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If you really only have one last semester to go.... don't leave now!

Talk to everyone you can in your uni! There are all sorts of financial assistance programs but you have to inquire to get them. As for the books, just pirate the pdfs or borrow the book from a classmate for an evening and take a picture of every page. I did that plenty of times. It's not as bad as you think. Takes about 1hr/100pages and saves hundreds of dollars.

Do everything you can to get through.... THEN, you can change directions in life. It would be foolish to burn this bridge when it's so close to being completed.


Assuming you are nearing the end of your studies you should definitely finish them off as others have suggested.

I had an utterly torrid time at college but I'm glad I have something to show for the stress, time and huge debt. Regardless of how you feel your studies have gone you deserve to leave with something, you've invested too much.

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Yeah last semester for AAS in Networking in community college. It's not that I don't want to finish, it's more of a not right now deal

"not right now" is a poor excuse to not muscle through this last semester.

If you quite now, you'll prolly never come back and finish and you'll regret it for a long time. Ask anyone here who's done that. Don't give up. You can get through it! Don't give up!

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Not speaking from experience but going off the grid is a tremendous amount of work. Not much detail you gave us but I see off the grid as self sustaining. You grow food, produce electricity, burn wood for heat, pump your own water from a well, learn basic medical aid etc... Very possible but you cant just hang out. You need great planning somethings take years of planning and forethought to get right.

If you cant supply all that yourself then you will need money to purchase it. Then you have to think of some way of making money.

If i were in your situation I would finish school. You are in a decent position. Work fpr a few years and if you still want to be off the grid then you would have an easier path than right now.

I really dont know your situation but It sounds like your yearning for a little change up and want a little seclusion from your day to day. Is this what you really want or is it what the depression wants? I am all for that "simple" life but ask yourself how is it going to help you. If it fufills your purpose in life then its the right way. If your using it to travel around an issue then its not time yet.

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