Thinking about getting a new headset

So I am thinking about getting a new headset with mic or maybe a stand alone mic and headset..
Post some recommendations..Really would not want to spend over $50..Just thinking of getting some new ones to take to the LAN..

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I can personally recommend the Corsair Vengeance 1400s. They have been my daily drivers for the past year or so and have served faithfully haha.

Although not audiophile level clarity, it does come with decent drivers. Also the mic is actually pretty damn good! Also at around the $50 USD mark they're a solid buy.

Hold out for some other suggestions though :)

Thanks for the recommendation..Oh and that mic sounds pretty good..

Thanks for the recommendation..

Mics Here - I'd look at the Andrea
Headphones Here

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Sweet thanks for the recommendations and props on the spreadsheet if you made em..