Thinking about downsizing my computer from atx to m-itx

Hey there community I hoping to downsize from my mid sized atx tower into a smaller itx form factor. So I'm here today asking if you guys had any suggestions as to what m-itx motherboards that yall would suggest to fit inside the new N Case M1. My budget isn't the biggest but I don't have much to replace just the motherboard and and a sfx power supply. Thanks for any feedback that yall have!

It would help to know what you plan on doing as well as if your reusing other hardware (ie cpu gpu ram) and if so what is it.

If you are down-sizing, and are going to Mini-ITX, the FM2+ platform is limited in choice of ITX boards. you really only have three to be honest.. off the top of my head. and if you are jumping on Z97 or if you are on Z87. Me Personally i'd go all out and get the best motherboard. and realistically the good motherboards are expensive anyways the cheapest durable motherboard ranges to around $150 bucks. since you are grabbing the N1 case which is pricy as hell, I'd save and try to get the Maximus Impact. it's the best motherboard you are going to get in the Z97 Chipset in the ITX form-factor.

If you would like a selection i'd go with here is a few.

If you are on Z87, the amount of features this motherboard has in next to insane.

We need what socket your CPU is (1150? 1155? FM2? AM3?)...
That's a really vague budget too. If you could put a number on it that'd be fantastic.

what hardware do you wana keep and what platform?

I can only suggest my motherboard which is the Asus Z97i

unless you specify if you have an AMD cpu or an uncommon socket.

Sorry yall, Im on a lga 1155 cpu (i5 3570k) and Ill be reusing my PCS+ 290x as well as 8gb of ram from my mid atx rig. As for price I was hoping on something that wasn't to much more pricey than about 250 dollars (US).

It would no doubt be 2nd hand if you found one but the Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe is worth looking at. Has a daughter board for some big powerphase lovin so you can oc that k chip hard. They were pretty expensive when they came out (here in oz anyway) so I cant imagine what you can expect to pay.... Has wifi as well.

Agree on the Asus P8Z77-i deluxe, its a rock sollid little board for the 3570k

Are there any positions on the EVGA Z77 stinger m itx motherboard? Does anyone have experience or feedback on it?