Think I installed malware. How do I rollback the system with borg backup for this? What to look for in Wireshark afterwards?

Pretty sure I installed some malware. Have no idea what was in the crypto project, or their fork of the ccminer. I immediate removed all of that. But, I’m still not sure if I got everything. All I know is my internet has been acting strange since.

I seem to be a bit slow with connecting to sites since using Surf Shark for my VPN. Connecting to sites still seems a bit slow without the VPN on. Maybe, my ISP is just throttling me.

For safety purposes I should definitely roll back about a month, and just update everything again. Borg has like the past three years saved to it. I think I want to pop into the Arch install medium, pull the borg package down. Delete the sytem, and replace with the old system. Anyone know the right command for doing this as efficiently as possible? Have a recommended recovery disk that would just work right for Arch?

What suspicious activity should I be looking for after the rollback, in Wireshark? Anyone know a good place to go for a security audit?

This is what I downloaded. Pretty sure, the project lead Michael Toutonghi, allegedly from Microsoft, is not a real person. I keep reporting him on Linkdenin, but have not seen his account deleted yet. There’s no reliable information that convinces me this guy exists or is who he says he is. He also claimed to be a Windows 95 lead kernel dev. I searched for him for about a week, and didn’t find anything that was not relevant to this project. The stuff about him at Parallels is too small to be reliable. Wouldn’t the lead kernel dev for Windows 95 be Bill Gates, or someone about his age? Pics of this guy look about ten to twenty years too young to be on that team.

Ah feas, verus, totally not virus, nno no it gud miner make many mony

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