Things I need when i build my new comp

Hey, (Is for horces) I would like suggestions for a monitor and a keyboard. No mechanical keyboards. The board im using rihgt now is noisy enough. I want a quiet keyboard. Not Big Ben as far as the noise. As far as monitors I would like a smaller monitor. Something like 20" or something. Not giant but big enough





Any more information on your preferances? Mechanical keyboards arent all loud remember, and they can all be made quieter by adding O-rings. Also, what resolution do you want for your monitor? are you gaming? do you need a low response time? That kind of thing. 

What ever monitor is good for gaming and i would like 1080p and for keyboards i would like something SMALL. Like as small as possable but still large enough.

Large enough? do you need a numpad? if not, check out some of the ducky shine leyboards. 

If you want cheaper, have a look at the cm storm quickfire range: 

they do get smaller: might be too small though

Monitor wise i reccommend this:

Hope all that helped!

The monitor is a bit big. Although its probably for the better. 24" seems bigger in words. And pne reason i was wanting a non mechanical keyboard is that i bottom out so the switch wouldent matter. and that last keyboard is VEERY small. I think the range would be best. But, the red bottom is kind of  " 'Eh " to me. But thank you for all the help. hopefully ill slow down due to the noise so i dont keep putting things like "Teh".

You said 'i bottom out so the switch wouldnt matter'. I couldn't disagree more. This might be true for red cherry mx vs. black cherry mx but if you try blues and browns your opinion will be changed. The tactile feel you get with blues and browns will still occur even if you bottom out. You might like this better than the plain linear feel of the reds and blacks. You really do need to try out the switches to see the ones you like. this is a little kit that has the four most common cherry mx switches in it. I bought one before I decided on reds. 

Thanks, I will get that pack. Although, do you just put the key on the cap without a mechanical keyboard? I would think so. And im going to use ALL of the rings. ALL of them. as for the keyboards themselfs. I might get the ducky shine keyboard. Although i dont use the F1-12 keys alot so i might get that keyboard, i have no idea