Things are just getting worse and worse for me :'/

So I've posted a topic about needing help with my issue of getting my CPU back to low temperature, but all I could infer was that I was using a wrong paste. I bought a new paste mx-4 and before you get all upidty on me I can only get ahold of 91% alcohol... I checked all my local stores, they only had 91% and below and I only had paper towels. I changed the paste yet again, it got evenly spread out the CPU, and I was satisfied because I was getting 50c better than what I was getting with other thermal paste which was 80c, but then it started getting hotter and hotter to the 90s I was hopping that it was gonna drop... You know because the paste was being spread after the heat. I was shutting it down but windows wanted to install some updates, and I let my computer off after awhile so it can cool and I can check it again later, but now one the power button is on, one fan from the x61 cooler is on, my mobos lights are on, x61 symbol is on, and the PSU is working but nothing is displayed on my monitor... All I wanted to do was change the thermal paste to improve temperatures. I really need help your help you guys I need my computer. I've been using an old computer and its incredibly slow and hard to work with.

My spec:
CPU: i7 4790k
Mobo: Asus z97 pro
Cooler: x61
RAM: 2x 8gb of corsair vengeance
Case: NZXT s340

maybe the pump on the aio is out?

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Thats exaly the first thing i was thinking about aswell.

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I Dont understand how the pump can be the problem.

Is it old ? Why don't you think it could be the cooler?

Well the pump pushes the fluid around to transfer temperature to the radiators, so if it's failing, then the heatsink isn't going to be doing much sinking.

I don't know the history but I'd be eliminating each one of these possibilities:

  • the pump is failing or:
  • power supply to the pump is getting cut off or insufficient
  • the heatsink isn't mounted correctly/securely and isn't keeping an even pressure
  • improper application of thermal paste

The last one is the killer for many people - there is a tendancy to spread it like peanut butter when all you really need is a pea or a thin line - it'll get squished out and fill the gaps (all you want it to do is fill gaps) when pressure is applied to the heatsink mounting.

I'm hoping you haven't overheated anything. Might be worth unplugging the system, giving it some cool down, and seeing if you can get it start up again. Is it beeping or attempting to startup? Anything at all?

The computer that I'm using right now is about a decade old, no new part has been added since I put 1gb of ram on it. Its hard to work with, when it takes ages to open the browser.

I could try reapplying the heatsink, I've had my computer unplugged for weeks because I didn't have the paste some reccomend, I had to wait to purchase it because new problems kept coming up and I had to postpone on working on my computer... Right now its unplugged, but when I shut down my computer I left it unplugged for an hour or so. When I powered it up, only 1 cooler fan was spinning and the lights were on for both the mobo and the NZXT logo for the cooler and the PSU fan was spinning.

i would suggest to firstly check if the pump is still working.
A working led logo does not automaticly mean that the pump is also pumping.

If your system heats up that quickly, and shuts down.
then it looks to me, that there might be an issue with the pump.

Another thing i would recommend is to re-seat the cpu.

What cpu is it, because realistically the lifespan of hardware, let alone the cpu is generally not 10 years.
If you get 4-5 years out of a product with consistent usage you would be considered lucky lol.

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How do I check if the pump is working. The system didn't shut down because of overheating, I shut it down because the CPU was getting really hot. I shut down manually through the start menu, windows wouldn't let me shut down my computer till after the update went through.

I don't know, but this thing is old for sure. I think its on its last legs, before it breaks down but it is horribly slow.

1) pump is dead or you've not set it up correctly. Refer to the product manual.
2) improper contact between the water block and CPU. Again refer to the manual.

Just pick up like a Hyper 212 Evo

I think the biggest issue at the moment is that (unless I misread) his computer wont even start now.

Or just use the stock cooler for testing.

I don't have a stock cooler, when of purchasing my CPU I thought it was on sale only to find out that it was on sale because it didn't come with a cooler.

Just turned on my computer this morning and I heard a beep and the boot for my computer but again only one fan is going for the cooler, not even the fans on my case are going, the PSU is still running.

What's the wattage of you PSU??? You could be providing insufficient power to the system.

Mobo dying? Maybe high temps were a red herring from the board? Are your case fans plugged into regular 3/4 pin headers?