Things are about to change for open source and 3d printing

If the amount of times Intellectual Property law lawyers have said Open Source or talked about 3d printing and laws and strategies to deal with ownership of rights and counterfeiting is any indication the landscape for both is about to get interesting.

I do live event AV for mainly nonprofit associations that provide CLE credits I am currently at the AIPLA Mid-Winter Institute things are changing. To be clear this is not a legislative association but the lawyers were asking questions that clearly were focused on learing how to manage IP rights of 3D designs.

This is why I'm glad there are "open" licenses like Creative Commons. I don't mind if people use my stuff, I actually love it, so licenses like CC BY-SA are a godsend to people like me.

I have a feeling that lawyers trying to get around those open licences are looking at derivative work arguments for code and 3d models from the questions that have been asked.