Thin/Small Watercooling Reservoir

Hey y'all,

I'm looking to put a reservoir into a really small space and wondering if any of you guys know where I could find something like this...

I have good height and depth, but the width (diameter of the res) needs to be small.

Height: 4" (102mm)
Depth: 11" (280mm)
Width: 2" (51mm) - might be able to get a couple more mm if I NEED to

Thanks all for the help!


Have a look at drive bay sized radiators, they seem to have varying sizes which you might be able to make work, however DIY is always an option, as you don't really need a radiator in a loop anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe get some acrylic and some acrylic pipe, glue and some vinyl wrap.
Drill three holes place two fittings and you've got a nice custom reservoir.