Thin Client Server for a Small Business


I need a Thin Client Server for a Small Business which can handle Virtualization, VIFO, QEMU, KVM and PCIe Passthrough.


I have acquired 6 second hand Hp T620 Thin Clients which are on a Ethernet LAN.
I need a Computer which will act as VM Host Server and serve VMs to these thin clients.
Maximum load on the system will be 4 concurrent users, each with two 1920x1080 displays:

  • 3 doing office stuff (Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice)
  • 1 doing light video editing (Olive Video Editor) or light gaming (low to medium graphic settings are fine)

Hardware Requirements:

Hardware I will probably need to buy:

  • Motherboard
  • CPU
  • RAM

Probably Re-usable Hardware I already have:

Probably Incompatible Hardware I already have:

Hardware Ideas:

  • I was thinking that I should have 1 dedicated AMD GPU PCIe passthrough to the user doing video editing.
  • I can probably also passthrough the motherboard onboard graphics to 1 VM.
  • If I get a Intel 5th generation or later CPU it will have Intel GVT-g so I can split the integrated graphics between the rest of the VMs.
  • I saw that some motherboards have multiple CPU sockets which would mean I could get 2 or more CPUs with integrated graphics.
  • The Passthrough Post’s hardware list and Wikipedia’s IOMMU list is probably a good place to start when looking for suitable hardware but im not sure what I need.

Software Ideas:


Ideally less than or around $1000 AU if absolutely necessary probably up to maximum of $2000 AU


Australia NSW, just North of Sydney

Please help a noob out:

Any feedback or Ideas on what you think I should do would be appreciated.