Thin Client recommendation needed

During many years and working on thousand of different things I became completely lost in the bits. I had so many different configurations that now have only HDDs left and I have 3 semi-dead old laptops, and one good workstation with 3 OS drives I swap depending what I do. I am too old for that s***.

I don't want to buy good laptop since I will have 2 good machines then and my life will become even more complicated. That is why I thought to use my workstation, have one Win8 on it and use a crappy laptop at home (or from work) as thin client.

Do you have some experience with thin clients that you can recommend for my case?

Well the only thin client I've really dived into are D3 and DreamPlug from GlobalScale for a linux environment.

They have worked well for what I needed. I have looked at a few "windows" based thin clients a friends company had, but I did not like the response times with them.