Thin and Light Laptop under $1000

Hello fellow forum users,
I would like a thin and light (obviously). Preferably with a GPU and an i5 to i7. No touch screens. 14"-17" The only caveat it must be under $1000 USD.

Might want to check Dell Inspiron Gaming Laptop with a Nvidia 1050 4gb. TN Panel that is not that great per reviewers.

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@sanfordvdev Yes the tn panel really sucks but I will take a look.

Other then that dell, you are screwed.

Thin and light gaming laptops usually go for around 1500 for a good quality one.

Stay away from the lenovo laptops.
Really good deal but you will regret that decision later. Known issue with their hinges failing after 6-8 months

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Just to continue talking about the Lenovo quality for a second. My Yoga with touchscreen keeps switching modes on its own. Its a pain in the butt, to be typing one second, and then the next thing you know your in tablet mode and having to molest the screen to get it back into desktop mode. It happens about 8 times a day.

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@Tjj226_Angel I never said a gaming laptop. Any thin and light laptop would do. I changed my mind I don't mind a touch screen.
@Dje4321 @Goalkeeper I have heard of lenovo laptops failing a lot that's the only reason I haven't bought any.

Not all touchscreens are bad.
TBH Touchscreens on laptops are really good. Miss having mine

Is on sale for a few days

Any laptop with a GPU is going to be primarily aimed at gamers.

The lowest end gpu I have seen in a modern laptop is a 940m. Those gpus are generally used for when the cpu does not provide graphics (higher end i7s and xeons).

The nvidia 950m is the lowest end gpu that would actually be worth having in a laptop, and even then, its borderline pointless because it is too weak to give you a real advantage in gaming or gpu work loads, and it just sucks up battery life.

A 960 or 1050 and above is most likely what you will see, and those are generally entry level gaming cards.

The Asus ux305 is a little under spec, but then again a laptop i5 is not really an i5 anyway so who cares. I've been taking mine with me to class every day and I forget it's there. Never had problems with lag/slowdown. But what do you need the laptop for? When you say thin and light I assume you need a less-powerful portable computer to complement a desktop, but I'm only assuming that because that's how it happened to me.

I got my ux305 for ~$500 refurbished. The new XPS laptops seemed really nice but were kinda overkill and expensive. I would have gone with a chromebook if they worked with real operating systems.

2010/2011 macbook with a DGPU on craigslist. They're dirt cheap and abundant.

Yeah the Asus ux305 is a bit underpowered, But I think I will go with the Dell Gaming Inspiron.

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just FYI, its not thing and its not all that light.

In addition to only having a TN panel, the m.2 ssd only runs at sata speeds.

I would seriously urge you to save up a bit more and shop around to get a really good price on an XPS 15.

i agree, i had to open mine to see what could be done, it was about a year old at that point.

i will likely have at least a year more out of it.

they are clearly made to fail or at least loosen after time.

i just drilled though the back and bolted the screen on

Is this true only for the thin and light models they offer or also the thicker ThinkPads/Ideapads?

im not sure but the older thinkpads also have issues with the hinges failing

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Because it was mentioned, I have one of those low power Asus ones with iGPU and it is a great device for just having it in your bag without even noticing. It has all the ports you might need and linux runs great on there as well. (manjaro XFCE in my case). Only thing I wish for is a backlight for the keyboard. But otherwise it is pretty much perfect for 90% of what I do.