THIEF is HERE! is there any deals yet?

Title says it all.

No lucky day one deals yet?

I would like to have a good deal too. In EU the copy of Thief costs 49.99€ after the 10% discount it's 44.99€. The US prise is 49.99$-->36.34€, and the UK price is 26.99£-->45$-->37€. So I won't get Thief just jet.

And they made it region locked.

GMG have 25% off, so it's 33.75€. They are trying 

VPN tunnel to the UK to buy it it seems :P

Theres no longer a 10% discount.. but you can get 25% off. I bought it preordered yesterday for the extra 10% off. Paid 33$ :).

Same lol. It's great not having to pay full price for new games.

Got THIEF for £20.25 as GMG has 10% plus a further 25% with code