(fallout 4 announce date)

Hey Guy's Just thought id mention this (first post) anyone got any Thoughts :) is basically a Countdown clock with Fallout Vault-Tec style image that end's on 11-12-13 (European calendar) soooo... fallout 4 reveal on the 11 of December ?? that would be pretty awesome.

it also has an creepy post apocalyptic style Morse code which translates to .---- .---- -....- .---- ..--- -....- .---- ...-- (11-12-13)

although the interesting thing about this site is that it was registered by Zenimax Inc. through Go daddy which has apparently brought some controversy to the site as they don't usually register through Go daddy.

The Possibility of a successor to new Vegas is pretty amazing and if this is real than it was a pretty good pre-reveal siteĀ 

Thanks Guy's.

Just so other fallout fans can see, there is some more discussion on this topic here:

cool tell everybody also theirs new Morse code !!! it now trans to Call Any Station, Calling Any Station, Calling Any Station, This is From OZ (Oscar Zulu)!!! im spazzing with exitement