These deals be testing my faith

Was waiting for the Strix 1080 to go up on websites this morning and it hasn't yet. Thought 6/4 was the release date? This deal is kind of hard to argue with though. Time to upgrade my PSU and get some SLI up in here?
This 1080 launch is busting my balls.

425 for second hand GPU, equal in performance and price to the "new" 1070, but much worse in power consumption and what not... May be overclocked to the wazoo...
No. I would rather wait and get 1070. I hate Nvidia with passion, but if that is my choise here, i would get 1070. It's the same performance...

Yeah, you're probably right. Haven't had a graphics card in my system going on two weeks now. Just getting a bit itchy. Since you're not big on nvidia, how do you feel about the RX 480? I'm not interested in purchasing it, just interested on your thoughts about it.

I am waiting reviews. So far i can't really say anything.
In one hand i am happy with it. I mean 200$ for 390 performance is great, although i am more interested in 470, since it will be more catered towards my financial abilities.
On another hand, 390 performance? I strongly hope the 490 is FuryX on smaller node with overclock, otherwise AMD could be in serious trouble.
I am not optimistic...
I hope i am wrong, but i am not optimistic...

They're definitely trying to sell the "buy a card now, buy another one when you can afford it" deal. On their unveil they didn't even have any single card solution benchmarks, did they? It is an interesting idea. If they can get game developers to optimize their games for dual card solutions it might work. Crossfire has always been better than SLI. If they can start squeezing out consistent 100%+ scaling on crossfire with DX12 and Vulkan, nvidia might be in trouble. I'm in the same boat with you though.
Neat if it works out that way.
Not optimistic though.

They had nothing ready. Nothing they revealed was substantial.
But they needed to reveal something. Nvidia was hoovering all media and people's attention with their overblown marketing. So AMD needed to do something.

No. They just showed price to performance competition. Their marketing is so bad, half the people misunderstood the idea of the 400 series. It's cheap high performance cards for the masses. They are not targeting 1080. They are not targeting even 1070 so far. They are targeting people, that can't spend 500$ for GPU. And since Nvidia's cheapest GPU from 1000 series is currently 1070 for 445, AMD went all in on 200$ GPU. I am awaiting the 300$ GPU, and Lisa and Raja both said 100 to 300$ range, meaning there will be more powerfull 300$ GPU. But that brings me back to my point - they were not ready to show anything, but they needed to.
Oh, yeah. And their marketing sux.

Their marketing does suck, but the one benchmark they did have was selling two 480s against a 1080. AMD has always been the "king of the tight-budget pc." If they can get thermals and power consumption down more, and get crossfire efficiency more widely utilized, I don't see why they couldn't be the king of premium pcs.
Nvidia's 1060 will address the price point of the 480, and probably go toe-to-toe with it in performance, if not beating it. That said, two 480s, according to AMD's benchmarks (which are worth a grain of salt in actuality,) supposedly are comparable to the 1080.

Mark my words, in a few years every gaming pc built will account for adding a second graphics card eventually and Nvidia will be wiped off the map, or all but the most expensive PCs will have a single card solution and AMD will be wiped off the map.
If neither of those happen, both AMD will need to address their single card performance and Nvidia will need to address their poor SLI scaling.

We don't know neither power consumption, nor thermals. This is what i mean when i say "they were not ready". If we compare it to the 380 it appears to be both way faster and use way less power. But we know nothing. They just said "Yeah, we are working on that." And nothing else. So we know nothing. Also, 1060 is HUGE unknown. Nobody knows anything about 1060, so we can't claim who will outperform who. 960 was outperformed for the price during it's entire lifetime. 750/Ti was outperformed during it's entire lifetime (260/265/270)... mid range is AMD's domain...

The 960 was just barely outperformed by the 380 in some applications. That said, my last card was a 380. Judging by how much Nvidia has done with compression with this generation, I don't see why the roles couldn't be swapped. You're right though, it is wayyy too early to be able to speculate on whether an unreleased card would contend an unannounced card.

I justy bought two of those for the exact same price, there a little loud but all holy balls can you oc the living crap out of them. BUY IT, there a beast.
Plus they look nice