These cables correct for 120hz 3 monitors?

Hey! I have 3 monitors (3x BenQ 24" LED XL2420T) i want to use with 120Hz on these cards:

Asus gtx 780:

Sapphire radeon 7970: - Confirmed not possible to get 120Hz x3. Shame.


Im just wondering if these cables are the correct ones to get it working 3x120hz. (is this 120Hz? doesnt say dual link on it) (will one of these and 2 dual link dvi work together?)(all dp cables support 120Hz right?)

Display Port or DVI for 120hz. HDMI can't deliver 120hz at 1080p.

Are these 60Hz or 120Hz cables?

or how can i find out?

That is a DVI-D cable. If a monitor supports 120Hz it's with that one, as Scia said: HDMI can't deliver 120Hz at 1080p.

Key words are Dual Link if your cable is Dual Link DVI then it will support 120 Hz.. 


And the one in the picture is.

Yes it is :D 

Oh... but how come my pc wont let me choose 120Hz with this plugged in then? i tested this with a single monitor and cable and max option i had was 60Hz... I am now very confused. thanks for sharing anyway tho! still learning.

What is your GPU? Some GPUs support Dual link DVI physically, but don't actually have the ability to use it, or display at high resolution at 120Hz

I have 2 computers: 

Asus gtx 780:


1x Displayport

1x Dual-Link DVI-I

1x Dual-Link DVI-D

Sapphire radeon 7970:

outputs for 7970:


1x Displayport

1x Dual-Link DVI-I

1x Single Link DVI-D

- i may have done some research wrong here so id like if you double checked. if this is right, does that mean my sapphire 7970 cant use 3 monitors with 120Hz? while the gtx 780 can? 

That is correct. The 7970 only has one dual link DVI, so only in a single monitor set-up will it be able to do 120Hz. 2, if you use display port.

Only display port and Dual link DVI can do that.

New question: is this dual link to dp for 120Hz? if so, i think getting this solves 3 monitors on Asus gtx 780.

That isn't dual link. Read the reviews.

Thanks. Weird why all these stores advert it as dual link when it isnt just to end up getting a lot of hate for it :l

i seen it happen 3 times now.