Thermaltake vs rosewill

I have a lot of Thermaltake gear, shit sux.

Rosewill just sucks in general.

Not going to vote.

Antec or Corsair

This thread just lost it's meaning.

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i thought thermaltake psu's were good. I know corsair is. don't know about antec. rosewill just because xezmer has one and seems to be happy with it

1 Rosewill fanboy.

Brb getting rosewill tatoo.

Why not like rosewill PSUs? 80 Plus efficient, fully sleeved, modular, good packing, fairly low-costing, mirror finish, quad 12v rails with high amperage, and best of all- they work!

xezmer the 950watt isnt modular and I read the reviews and a lot od people had to rma and I hate rma'ing. right now the corsair tx 850 looks like a good option. I just really want something modular as well and the corsair modular psu's are too exspensive. I'm also looking ate the cooler master ucp 900 watt because it has some good deals with it.

Antec Quattro 850w

rice i hate you because you're fucking hilarious

thermaltake. i farm or family dies

ive never used a rosewill cooler but they look not so good. however i do not really like thermaltake because the intel mounting pins suck and pop out like its their job.

it doesnt make a bit of difference guys the balls are enert

but id proubly get whatever cheaper at the time but if i had to choose Thermaltake