Thermaltake View 31 RGB Case, Review



I can’t handle the responsibility of a computer case, just like how your cousin Brandon can’t handle being a teen dad.

The side panels always end up coming off, then I lose them, or even better, end up running over them with my computer chair. Leaving me with a bent side panel that I’m only able to get on if I macho man it.

But it’s going to be different this time, I promise. My goal is to keep this computer case for at least one year and that’s for good reason. I’ve had 6 computer cases since 2014, all of which have held the same computer.

It starts with the side panel, then it goes to the spaghetti cable management, then to the front usb and audio ports breaking. It spreads like cancer,

Maybe my computer cases just can’t handle being around me. My toxic behavior and constant jerk off sessions to xtube have gave all of my cases terminal cancer and the only way to get rid of their pain is to euthanize them with the garbage truck.

But anyway, back to the case. So I bought this case because it doesn’t scream gamer, it doesn’t look like an alien took a shit on a rubiks cube. It more looks like a piece of art to me. It looks great, but the only issue is that the build quality of the case is meh. Which I think should be expected, especially if you consider the fact that it’s 120 bucks and they probably have to ship the thing a few hundred miles.

Honestly, the build quality doesn’t bother me much because I’m not going to be transporting the machine that often and I’m definitely going to try to stay away from messing with it. I think that’s what leads to the eventual destruction of all my cases. I just goof with it too much, I find a project or something ridiculous that requires a part from my machine and I forget to clean it up.

But it’s so difficult to review a computer case, I view as either you like it or you don’t like it.

in my case, I like it and I suggest it.

and if your interested in the case, feel free to ask some questions, I’d be happy to answer them.