Thermaltake Level 10

Don't think this has been posted yet. What do you guys think? Looks awesome, I think. Truly modern and modular and packed with features. Just check out the cable management on this puppy! Everything is RIGHT there within reach.


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that seems nice, but i cannot imagine the freaking price.

what cooling like with that though looks as if would hug a lot of heat

looks like something ripped off million dollar pc.

so, is each section vented or do they all have fans? because i can see very high temps if it does not, especially with large graphic cards...

The HDD hot swap module is integrated with a huge aluminum heat sink--the system is divided into 4 separate chambers--the 5.25" drives, the 3.5" drives, the motherboard and PSU. The motherboard and PSU chambers are separate and have their own individual fans. According to the design specs, it has a front 140mm red LED fan running at 16DBA, a rear 120mm red LED fan running at 17DBA, and the HDD heat sink module has dual 60mm fans running at 19DBA.

It's 26.22" high, 12.52" wide and 24.17" deep.

You guys can get more info at

EDIT: According to Dark Vision Hardware, Thermaltake has announced the case will be available for retail sale this month for the low, low price of $690 USD.

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