Thermaltake Armor A30 Fan Replacements

I know that most of you probably dislike the case, but I am quite fond of the design. There's only one problem: Airflow. Thermaltake stock fans are crap and I want to replace all of them. Is the top 230mm even replaceable? It seems as though its super thin and attached with special bearings. Is there anything else anyone reccomends I do to optimize airflow in the case? Could I change the 90mm and the 230mm to exhaust? 

I think its 92mm fan, not 90, essentially should be the same thing, and you can replace it with ease.

As for 230mm, you could get BitFenix Specter Pro. IT should be replacable and the BitFenix one should fit, i doubt they made a special fan that only they make, with special breaings only usable with thermaltake fan, but better to be sure, so you might want to make some more research on it. 

Now you can change the fans to exhaust, in fact, the top and back fans should exhaust, while front and bottom fans should suck air in. Thats how it should be in my mind atleast. 

Now, i dont own the case, so im hoping somebody with more experience in the matter will come along and show you the way to do it.


Now just took a look at the review,

And i hope the dude who assembeled your PC, did not put the fans on upside down. 

230mm and 2x 60mm should exhaust, and 90mm should be air intake. So first off, look that your fans are assembeled correctly, then take the temperatures, if still high, replace something. 

Hope this helps.