Thermal Paste

Hey people,

I got a new motherboard and I am still using my old cpu and fan. I had to take em apart for the new motherboard and now I have some left over hardend thermal paste on the top side of my cpu. Should I remove it and if es how , and then apply new thermal paste or just leave it and mount the fan on top or just apply new thermal paste on top of the old layer?


Arctic Silver manufactures a CPU cleaner/purifier for like three bucks, so that can be used to remove the paste, but if not, usually 85% alcohol or acetone will work fine. Just make sure you don't get it on anywhere else. How you apply the paste depends on your CPU usually. Usually the dual cores are vertical and quad cores are horizontal.

Thermal paste should be throughly cleaned, and chicken is right it depends on you CPU i have to pull my heatsink off and reapply the paste because im not getting good thermal read outs

yah just us alcohol to clean it off DO NOT touch the pins on the bottom get some arctic silver 5 you an do it different ways apply it horizontally and then put the heat sink and the pressure will spread it or spread it yourself with a credit card or a plastic bag over your hand and spread it in a very thin layer and then put the heat sink on top =)

The best paste out however is Arctic Cooling MX-2. It's about 3 degrees cooler than that of AS5 in most cases. Artic Silver and Arctic Cooling are two completely different companies FYI.

arctic silver is conductive its made of 99.99% pure silver for arctic cooling mx 2 i dont know but i know its non conductive but dont knwo what its made of probably silicone never used it though arctic silver tastes like crap btw

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cool thanks guys. so for the alcohol wiping off thing...may sound stupid but is vodka gonna do the trick? Oh btw the thermal paste I am using came with my zalmen 9700lsd

(or something like that). Its a greysih paste that you apply on the whole top of the cpu metal head and hsf contact plate

Thanks again for the replies.

OCZ Freeze ftw... Beats artic silver

Zalman is pretty good. I tried the paste that came with my CNPS9500A before installing the AS5. It was pretty promising. I was at 28 degrees C idle. This was on an OCed E8400 at 3.6, so that's pretty darn good. I might go back to it, since I'm suddenly getting 30 degrees idle on my 3.6 OC with AS5 >:[

yah chicken i think you should replace your thermal paste

and vodka ??????? i dont even know i think the bacteria might react with the heat transfer as drinking alcohol is flammable rubbing alcohol (isoproply) which you get at a pharmacy is what you should use its only like $1 for a bottle dude better pay a dollar than risk your cpu

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hey Peoples i just gave my motherboard for RMA today and ill be getting it soon so when i get it back i want use a good thermal compoud so i have the tunic TX3 in mind so you guys have any other suggestions??? im looking one for around that same price range
thanks in advance

PS- i thought it was unnecessary to create a similar thread so thats why im using this one sorry if you feel like im hijacking the thread

Just read the thread, theres your reccomendations.
I use OCZ freeze, does the job great. could be a little trouble to apply as it gets kinda rubbery

This from 2008.... O_O